Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Shopping in the City

In December we spent the day in Toronto doing all of what used to be my favourite things.  A trip to the Eaton Center has been on the list of Christmas activities for as long as I can remember.  I have wonderful memories of the big escalators, Christmas music, hustle, bustle, visiting Santa, shopping, eating and so much more!

In recent years the Eaton Center has become less and less what I love about the city.  The restaurant we ate in for years and years has closed.  The big tree doesn't sparkle quite like it used to.  The music is too loud and too....generic.  Even Santa has opted to stay at the North Pole rather than sit upon his gilded throne in the middle of the mall.

I used to be able to count on The Bay department store being the highlight of the entire trip to the city.  Christmas Street was a place to get lost in...looking at all of the ornaments and decorations, imagining a home brimming with sparkly baubles.  I have outfitted my own trees with many ornaments from The Bay - the 5th floor always held a special spot in my heart.

Last year they moved Santa to the basement.  It all goes downhill from there.

Christmas Street is more of cul-de-sac.  In fact it looks about one step away from pallets in the warehouse.  It is maybe 1/10 of the size it once was and it is in the busiest part of the store - I was almost mowed down a few times by people rushing to catch the train. 

Santa only makes an appearance at the weekends...I heard only by appointment.  WTH?

Next year we will probably skip the Eaton Center altogether and go right from the Christmas Market to Yorkville for dinner.  In the are photos I took while walking around....

A huge lit up reindeer in the middle of the mall!

Really huge!

Three stories huge!

A visit to the Silver Elvis is mandatory when on Queen Street at Christmas!

The windows at The Bay are always beautifully done.  
They have been the same for years!

Yes, that's my pink gingham umbrella!

It's always so nice to see the windows all done up.  The details are amazing!

Nutcracker bears in The Bay.

This could be out year round!

My living room tree is decorated with crowns so I always keep 
an eye out for them.  There were a few different styles this year.

I picked up a couple of these too!

I always find green ornament a little bit odd...unless your tree isn't green!

Further evidence to support the Preppy Princess's notion that Santa is a prep.

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Have a fabulous day!


eas said...

The crown ornaments are fantastic.

Lily Lemontree said...

Sad about the Eaton Centre. It was always one of my must-visits at Christmas and many have echoed the same sentiments as you this year! :(
Great pics though!!

About Last Weekend said...

Loving the silver Elvis and your umbrella looks wonderful!

Beth Dunn said...

Those nutcracker bears are adorable!