Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The final piece of the puzzle

You may recall I started the search for a long lost family member more than a year ago.  With a little bit of help from a genealogist in Scotland I managed to find an address for my mom's cousin and wrote to him.  To my surprise, the address that was from a document 14 years ago was still his address and he wrote back!

We have been writing lots of letters working out the details of his family's estrangement from my great-grandparents and it seems we will probably never know the real reason.

I told him I would be in Scotland and made plans to meet.  He came with one of his sons to my uncle's house and we got to sit down for a few hours to talk and learn about each other.  We shared photos and stories and parted new family members and friends.  He is a very lovely man and his son and I got along really well.  In fact, his son lived in Canada with his wife for a while before their daughter was born!

I got home to find a letter from him and we all plan to keep in touch.  His son added me on facebook and listed me under 'family'.  Isn't that nice?!

So there you have it...the rest of the story.

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Beth Dunn said...

That is so lovely!

Pattie (Lilacnpearls) said...

What a wonderful positive ending to your search! Happy for such a great outcome for you and your family SP :)

Carole said...

How wonderful that your search has a happy ending.

About Last Weekend said...

How wonderful, that's a really poignant and happy ending.

Shelley said...

I think genealogy is just one of the best hobbies ever. Through it I've met - and visited - distant cousins in Glasgow, Perth (AU), Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bellaire Michigan and Claremont California. We all stay in touch via email and facebook and blog. It's brilliant. I just learned today of the death of one of my Mom's cousins, Mona in Oklahoma. It reminds me there are two more cousins - in Texas and Colorado - that I need to contact somehow and get to know a little before it's too late.

So glad you had a nice experience with your long lost relative. Bill learned about a brother of his grandfather that he never heard of - family estrangements are terribly sad, and like you he has no idea what it was about.

Highland Fashionista said...

That is truly a heartwarming story, and a testament to the warm and welcoming nature of the Scots, as well as yourself. Lovely.