Monday, June 11, 2012


Yes I realize I'm very late to the party but I just didn't have time to pull this post together to go with each event.

On June 2, 1952 ascended the throne and became Queen Elizabeth II.  Only one queen has reigned longer in England and HRH has proven herself a most loyal and dedicated monarch.  This year marks her 60 years on the throne and the celebrations captivated the world....

In her coronation garb.

  So young with so much weight on her shoulders.

The other day I saw a piece in a Toronto paper about Kate and this red dress.  The 'writer' feels Kate was completely out of line to try to outshine the queen at this event.  I can stomach differing opinions...I can't stomach idiocy.  First of all...I doubt Kate woke up that morning and thought 'Oh I know, red will keep everyone looking at me!'.  That red outfit was approved by the queen ages ago.  Also...since the newspaper 'writer' couldn't connect the dots...let's dissect what everyone is wearing...the men are in blue, the queen and Camilla are in white, Kate is in red.  Hm.  Sounds familiar.  Oh!  Just like....

The Union Jack.

The queen looked lovely, accompanied by her loyal consort.

Married for 65 years - by choice.  

Prince Philip has been a constant and trusted companion for the queen since she was 13 years old.  "Prior to the official engagement announcement, he abandoned his Greek and Danish royal titles, converted from Greek Orthodoxy to Anglicanism, and became a naturalized British subject, adopting the surname Mountbatten from his British maternal grandparents" (Wikipedia).  He has since then, been at the queen's side, defending her, and taking a back seat to her title and all that goes with it. 

The thrones were made especially for the boat trip but the queen didn't sit down - some people are miffed about that but who knows, maybe she feels if she has two good legs she should use them.

There was a big concert at Buckingham Palace...millions of people were there!  When I saw the overhead shots it was quite amazing.  Perhaps more people than for royal weddings!  And wasn't Tom Jones fabulous? 

When the queen smiles it's just magic.  Like everyone's perfect granny.  Prince Philip was in the hospital this day so he couldn't be with her - I certainly think his absence showed on her face.  One of the most important days of her life and she didn't have her beloved husband by her side.

I didn't see a lot of Jubilee loot when I was in Scotland but then, I was in the country...I am sure if I had gone to the city I would've seen more.

I did managed to find this souvenir for myself...

...and since I missed mothers' day I brought this one for my mom.

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Sweet Southern Prep said...

This was so informative, especially about Prince Philip! Great post! Thanks!

Patricia said...

Hi there - I completely agree with you re. Kate and the red dress. Also, I watched The View last week and the ladies wittered on about how old-fashioned the Queen's dress sense is, and how she could have smiled more - morons! In my opinion she always looks perfect, and she had to go through a lot of the celebrations without Philip by her side - no wonder she looked a little serious. I'm also a transplanted Scot, so really enjoyed your post on your trip home, thanks!

Kelly Sheehy said...

Wonderful! I adore the Queen! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures, and information.

The Mrs. said...

She was such a looker when she was younger! Blows my mind!

Shelley said...

I thought Kate looked brilliant in that red, but she sort of blended in with the red furnishings around her if you want to claim she was trying to upstage the queen. As you say, it will have been an approved dress. I agree the queen looked more solemn than usual after Phil when into hospital. And it is magic when she really smiles, one sees it so seldom. I'm happy to have royalty reign, but not to rule (though the two words mean much the same). I think the people should govern themselves, but other than that I love a good party as well as the next person. No disrespect intended to your Suburban Highness.

Pattie (Lilacnpearls) said...

Kate looked fabulous & I adore & respect the Queen & her office. What a woman is all I have to say!! Long Live the Queen!! Thanks for the great information :)