Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Random Thoughts

Happy Friday!  It has been another crazy week here in the 'burbs!

- The Little Prince has started playing soccer and so far it has been a frustrating experience.  The two coaches are bozos and are so worried about offending the parents they aren't actually accomplishing much.  They wont give a parent contact list, only check their emails once a week, can't get the kids' numbers right and refuse to allow any of the moms to manage the team.  Oh and the wife of one of the coaches is the reason the Little Prince lost his daycare spot two years ago.  Good times!  The Little Prince enjoys wearing his uniform and running around so I'm hoping we don't have to deal with these same people next year!  Soccer is tradition in my family so I do feel the need for him to enjoy and continue to play it!

- This week my Rotary club spent the day at the Habitat For Humanity build site and I was asked to organize the lunch and snacks for everyone.  I guess I have a reputation as a foodie or an organized person or long as I dont have a reputation for doing manual labour everything will be fine!  I ordered subs (FYI Subway has always been very supportive and given me a great price whenever I do this!), made Greek, and broccoli salad, cookies, ice creams, ice, juice, water and iced coffees.  One of my fellow Rotarians is famous for her potato salad so she made a big bowl of it for us as well!  It was a great day for a great organization and I look forward to our next build day!  If you are looking for a way to contribute to your community, and let's be honest, we should ALL be contributing to our community, please contact Habitat and they will get you sorted out.  They are always happy to accept lunch, paperwork help, building skills and accounting!

This is what your loyal readers have to contend with if you have word verification!

- Please check to see if you have word verification on your comments - I don't think you realize how many of you have it and blogger is making them harder and harder to read.  I love commenting on so many of your blogs but it's very hard to do so.  Take a moment and try to leave yourself a comment and you will see if you have it and what I am talking about.  The worst is when a blogger has word verification AND owner approval!  As a fellow blogger...I'm begging you...take word verification off.  Please.  Thank you.

- I had lunch with Hermes Scarf Friend on Thursday.  I booked us a 'power table' at the new tea room in town and dished the goss!  We've not had a serious lunch in ages as we always seem to be with other people at events and lunches.  We got all caught up, had our photo taken for the website and dished about everyone we know.  It was awesome!

- Have we been watching Mad Men?  I find it compelling but so depressing at the same time.  I keep wondering if everyone was like that in the 60s or just people in advertising.  Do we like happy Don?  And why does his skin always look greasy?  I did love the time Joan and Don spent together in the Christmas episode (which had me confused the entire time...when I saw the Christmas tree in the bar I realized...this is the Christmas ep) and Don letting Glen drive his car home was a nice moment as well.  Why did Lane's ghost have an American accent?  Or am I missing something?

- Just a head's up...I am doing a contest on my Royal Ribbons website and my Royal Ribbons Facebook page.  It has already started and the prize is custom ribbon!

- I am currently reading The Scottish Prisoner by Diana Gabaldon.  It's a part of the Lord John series but Jamie Fraser is a huge part of the story.  Have you read the Outlander series?  If not you should get on with it!  There are only about 8000 pages of it so it will keep you busy for a long time!

- While I was planning my trip to Scotland my husband's cousin (who knows everyone it seems) told my favourite author I would be in town and how much I love his books.  I thought that was awfully sweet but was blown away when I got a message from the author (through his editor) inviting me to tea!  Squeeee!  Too bad my plans and his plans didn't line up and I didn't end up meeting him while I was in town.  But, he did send me a couple of signed books which I can't wait to dive into!  Everyone at book club is suitably jellybean!

- I've invited everyone for dinner for Fathers' Day (instead of leaving the country to avoid it) so I need to come up with a plan!  I am thinking ribs, salads, homemade gelato, and smores on the fire!  I've also spoken to my mother about what is an appropriate time to go home.  I'm good for six hours then I need my life back.  Certain people have no idea when to go home...and once they have said they are leaving take another hour to actually get out the door. And I don't mean my parents.

- The Little Prince built a birdhouse with my father-in-law and I see it is now inhabited!  Yay!  I will have to try to sneak up on the little birdies and take some photos!

- I've been made chair of the lobster dinner committee for 2013.  I am sure this saga will make it's way to my blog as there is someone on the committee I cant stand and who has crossed me in the past.  I do my best to avoid him and if I get through this without punching him in the face it will be the greatest act of charity many have seen in a long time.  The weird thing is...his wife is so nice!  Like super nice!  Le sigh. (That was for you Tabitha).  Anyhoooo I need to form a committee and make changes to the event.  Wish me luck. These people hate change!

- I've come to the conclusion I don't like people.  I remember being at a drs appointment and I was asked if I have an intollerance to heat or cold and the Suburban Prince said 'No, just people'.  I think it's the way our society has gone downhill, become apathetic, all anyone does is work...someone please tell me it's not just me!  I read through this post again and see I've complained about how several different people and their behviour really annoy me.  Thank goodness I was an only child!

- Now to end on a positive note!  I have a fun giveaway on this blog coming next week!  Wahoo!  So you will need to be following to enter so you might as well do that now.

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Have a fabulous day!


MCW said...

OMG. I am dying "I don't like people." One of the best lines written on a blog ever.

I do wonder why Don looks greasy too!

Have a great weekend!


Farrah said...

This was funny!

I totes agree with you about the comment verification!

I hope you all have a nice father's day

Adrienne said...

Wow! What a list!

I will tolerate word verification on some blogs, but would prefer people not to use them. It's hard on my old eyes!

I don't think that was Lane's ghost. It was Don's brothers' ghost - Adam. He hanged himself in a past season. Kind of confusing, don't you think? The red hair really throws you off.

Hoping you and yours have a lovely weekend...Happy Father's Day to the Suburban Prince!

The Entertaining House said...

comment verification is stupid!!
Love your new background!

Highland Fashionista said...

I don't like people either. Funny...for a person who deals in them all day long. I do right by them professionally, don't get me wrong, but I am totally happy to be childless and surrounded by animals when I am not working. Weird? Probably...

The Mrs. said...

There's so much to comment on I don't know where to begin! LOL. I hate word verifying. Don't get me started. I forgot about the term bozo and will now be using it every day. School/ or coach politics make my blood boil! I have a few Hermes Scarf Friends and will also be using that one forever. Dishing the goss over fancy lunch in underrated and I am booking one asap. Your fathers day menu sounds perfect. Lobster dinner committee are my three favorite words. I only like some people. Like you! xo

About Last Weekend said...

Loving your honesty. Thanks also for the heads up on the word thingy, other bloggers say they get loads of spam otherwise - what do you think?

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

Oh I totally agree with your last point about people .... totally agree. Thankfully I am an introvert and I don't need to be around people all the time (esp morons), I would go mental! hehe

Shelley said...

I am an only child, too, and find too much contact with people very stressful. Totally agree that work is taking over the world; people are ground down to their worst selves. Love all the activities you are involved in, though my volunteer work is becoming quite stressful. All those politics - with a small 'p' as they say here - can be extremely tedious. I'm retiring from a load of it in November with the next Annual General Meeting. 'Prove that you are not a robot' is somewhat insulting, is it not? I think the word thingies are easier than they used to be - I used to fail 3 or 4 times! Maybe I was a robot then...

Jo said...

Thanks for the morning giggle ~ I'm with you on every one of your topics!