Saturday, January 5, 2013

OOTD - Cold weather clothes

A week before Christmas I spent the afternoon at the liquor store ringing the bell for the Salvation army.  This is the third year I have done it and I am always impressed at the array of characters who will stop to chat before heading in to get their 'message'.  December in Canada can be a bit hit or miss so I decided to wear warm clothes and take a lighter jacket.  It worked well and I managed to stay warm enough for a couple of hours before moving the kettle inside for the last part of my shift.

Embroidered cords, Christmas turtleneck, Birdseye sweater, and accessories.  The leather bracelet was a present from Adrienne of The Rich Life and I wear it allllll the time.  Pearls, natch.  I always feel like a big preppy whale when I wear this sweater, it's not figure flattering at all, but a handsome businessman in town saw me wearing it and told me I look just like his first girlfriend.  The sweater will be staying.


How it translated in the cold December sunshine!  By this point I had a pocket full of miniatures - someone stopped to help a liquor store employee clean up a dropped case of booze, each bottle had a miniature attached to it so the employee gave them to the helpful passerby...who stopped to share them with me!  
My mittens were custom knit locally.

The local chocolatier was having their machine serviced when I stopped by so he came an hour later to deliver me a spicy hot chocolate!  Yum!   Small town life is great!

Have a fabulous day!


eas said...

I love your outfit and what a sweet compliment from the businessman. Good for you for volunteering during the holidays.

Shelley said...

That bracelet is really cool! I've never seen anything quite like it. I'm impressed with your charity work. Glad you managed to stay warm!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

"Pearls natch" I love this phrase!

Adrienne has great taste and she has given you a lovely gift. It looks like a keeper in my eyes too.

Hope you stay warm in this chilly weather.

Farrah said...

I love your outfit! The Bean Boots are the best!

Anonymous said...

Simply perfect, and I admire your stewardship. I trust you wore your turtleneck scrunchy, not folded over. :)

Adrienne Shubin said...

I love that we are cognac leather bracelet twins :)
You are so good to be such a giver to your community. I hope they realize what a gem you are.
Love the outfit - you excel at pattern mixing!

Tammy B said...

I love your outfit, especially the mittens. I admire your devotion to your community.