Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's Downton Day!

Finally!  For North Americans it is Downton Day!  Season 3 begins tonight on PBS.  I confess I've already seen season 3 and the Christmas special.  I shall do my best not to let anything slip - but a lot happens this season, and not all of it is enjoyable.  I will say this boggles the mind how Mr Bates manages to look even better in prison.

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Have a fabulous day!


Adrienne Shubin said...

I am going to try to stay up to watch all of it tonight - if not, it'll be on On Demand later in the week. Why can't I remember where it left off last season? I'm sure it will come back to me.
Excited to find out what happens!

Tammy B said...

I've already watched 3 episodes of Season 3 and plan to watch more of it today. It is exciting that it is back on. Yes, Mr. Bates continues to look better and better.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Seen season three and will be rewatching all of the episodes. I love the hats the women wear!

Farrah said...

I'm SO excited!