Monday, October 22, 2012

Scotland - Stirling Castle

I realized I hadn't blogged my photos from Stirling castle...from May!  I sorted through them and picked my favourites...

 Looking out to the Wallace Monument

 I love all the cobblestone!

 Inside the castle are lots of these scenes, a view of life in the middle ages

I like to quietly stand next to this guy while the tourists are looking in...then start speaking to them.  Oh such fun watching them all jump back like they've seen a ghost!

 This is what is known as Raploch, one set of great grandparents lived there more than 100 years ago!  The row houses closest to the castle as the original buildings.

 The castle underwent major restorations - the new part is yellow which is what the castle looked like when it was first built.

 A cobblestone courtyard

 Gold crowns glinting in the sun - it was summer in Scotland, which lasted one day

 The windows inside the castle have lots of stained glass

 In case you are wondering what kings put over their fireplaces.

 The details all over the castle are phenomenal, especially the ceilings!

 Unicorns are all over the castle, they are a symbol of purity and strength

 Detail on the ceiling

 The Queen's bedchamber

 A castle mouse!

 Outside on the Prince's Walk

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Glitterista said...

Wow, the stained glass and ceilings look divine! I'd love to visit Scotland someday. :)

Shelley said...

Brilliant photos! I've not been to Stirling yet. Love the queen's bed...and the carved mouse! You can keep the cobbled yard, mind. I find cobbles hard to navigate even in flat shoes!

erica said...

wow! Your pictures are AMAZING! xx

michelle stubberfield said...

U can c my house glad u liked my wee toon :) x

michelle stubberfield said...

U can. Ma hoose in ur pic of Raploch glad u liked ma wee toon :)