Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Friday Friday!

 Happy Friday!  It has been a wild week - my life is such a roller coaster!

- On Monday I dropped the Little Prince at my parents' house and went to a Rotary dinner, I managed to sneak out before the presentations and had a quick coffee with the Cheeky Reaper before going home for the evening.

Looking for a tiny little runway

 I can see my house down there!

- On Tuesday Daddy Warbucks too the exchange student and me flying in his little plane which was awesome, as always!  We spent an hour flying around town and checked out all the buildings we know.  We were then invited back to his house for a glass of wine and a chat.

I had to leave in time to get to town hall for the council meeting - policing was on the agenda and it didn't go as we had hoped.  The fight isn't over as the final vote has happened so now I am scrambling to figure it all out and get a press release out today.

I was also told my Spiritual Adviser has stage 4 cancer and I broke down in front of town hall.  Fortunately there were some big shoulders there to dry my tears.

- Yesterday I ran errands and attended the police board meeting - it's amazing how many groups are involved with policing...there's the police force, the association or union, the police services board and council.  It can be very confusing to the newbies!

- Today I get to spend my afternoon attending a Wiggles concert. I don't want to go but I am doing it for the Little Prince.  I am told it is 90 minutes of pure hell but it does eventually end.  Oh the things we do for our children!  Sometimes I question my decision to be so old when I had my son, a Wiggles concert is no place for a woman of my age. And I'm told the bar is closed in the venue.

- Tomorrow I have a police committee meeting and I hope to go shooting at some point over the weekend - must kill all the little clay pigeons!

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Have a fabulous day!


Maggie @ SweetwaterBaby said...

Downton Abbey, flying, Downton Abbey, police (my hubs is one) and Downtown Abbey. Pretty sure we're sisters from another mister. Thanks for the Season 3 links, but the way!!!!!!

The Bitchy Crocker Project said...

I think you should come armed with a flask the next time you have to attend such a concert. However, you are an awesome momma. :D

Janice said...

Wow you had quite the busy week. Hope you have a break this weekend.