Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!  I have a busy weekend of decorating a cooking ahead of me - right now I am taking some time to load my ipods and be ready with lots of music to get me through it all!  I have the Danish exchange student coming over this afternoon as she is so excited about Thanksgiving she offered to help me bake and prep everything.  Child labour at it's best! 

I am completely unprepared this year - I've been so busy with the police committee and Royal Ribbons, I've hardly had time to think about TG dinner.  Fortunately I managed to get to the grocery store yesterday in the morning so I'm now armed with ham, turkey, veggies for roasting, cream for whipping, pumpkin, apples, and lots of wine. I might just be able to pull this off!  The Suburban Prince is home today so he will get to work on decorating - can you believe I don't have a single potted mum at my front door?  

If it's not Thanksgiving in your area, I wish you a happy weekend!

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Have a fabulous day!

PS....I've noticed the photos have vanished from lots of my blog posts...anyone else having this problem?


Silver Strands said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! LOVE the pic :)

Adrienne said...

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
Have a great day and eat lots of yummy treats.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Happy Thanksgiving from sunny Victoria, BC!
We have our turkey and all the trimmings...
now we wait for the guests.
Hoping that you an the royals enjoy a festive repast!

About Last Weekend said...

You live in Canada! I only know this because two of my kids are home from school celebrating your holiday even though we live in Ca. We've got ours coming up and think I will buy all the sides and just attempt the tukey

Shelley said...

Oh gosh, you had me scared! I was thinking I'd lost my mind. Then I admit I sort of started wondering if you'd lost yours and then I finally remembered that Canadians also celebrate Thanksgiving but at a different time of the year! Happy Thanksgiving, SP! I'm so glad i have a few more weeks for all that!