Monday, September 17, 2012

It's a crazy life...but it's my life!

Happy Monday!  It has been another crazy week!

The police vote was supposed to be this week but has been deferred until October 23rd.  Two of the councilors put a motion forward to delay it...which is good and bad.  The council meeting this week was awesome...lots of anger in the crowd and people shouting out.  There is a lot of passion in this town about keeping our police force!  I thought we would be done but we get another 6 weeks of campaigning.  We have had to shift our strategy a little bit and have spent the weekend at the fall fair with our tent and flyers.

I have been asked to drop the ceremonial first puck at the season opener for the local hockey team this coming Friday night.  This is something the mayor is traditionally invited to do but since most of the town would like her removed from office, she hasn't been asked to come.  Most of the police committee will be there but it is meant to be me out there on the ice with the owner and the two captains for the photo ops - I decided I will take the Little Prince out with me to do it to represent the committee.  It's makes for a nice message when a mom is out there fighting for her community....and the Little Prince loves the spotlight!  Unfortunately the owner of the team doesn't have much of a marketing plan and I've ended up writing his press release and had to tell him what to do with it - no, not that!

I helped in the Rotary canteen at the fall fair for a couple of hours at the fall fair and someone brilliant scheduled the mayor to work there at the exact same time.  I am her biggest political opponent right now and it's to the point I doubt we will ever be friends again.  I think she felt uncomfortable enough and decided to work outside at the grills rather than spend any more time with me in a closed room than absolutely necessary.  She kept looking at me like we were going to have a nice friendly chat...not bloody likely.  The day I heard she tried to get the chief of police call off the escort for our march was the day we stopped being friends.  Putting her own political agenda ahead of the safety of the people who elected her is just wrong wrong wrong.  And low.

I was just asked to drive a car in the Jazz Fest parade next weekend - I'm getting very tired but it's for a guy who is so nice and he works so hard to bring the arts to our town - I'm told there will be a big stereo in the back of my car so I should bring ear plugs.  The Little Prince will be pulled in his wagon by someone in our group so I hope he is ok with that! 

I had a lovely lunch with the Cheeky Reaper.  It was nice to run away from home for a couple of hours - we decided to go to another town as between us we probably know everyone in town and wouldn't be able to just relax and chat over lunch.  We tried this little restaurant a mother and daughter run from their house and it was quite nice!  Perfect for lunch and a chat.

I watched the new episode of Downton Abbey and I am giddy with excitement!  Poor Mr Bates...stuck in prison for most of the season no doubt.  I promise to do my very best and not spill any details...tho it will be hard to keep it all to myself!  If you are watching S3 and want to chat about or message me!

Autumn seems to be here...I got up this morning and it was so chilly I asked the Suburban Prince to build a fire...he didn't do it, but feels like a snuggle in front of the fire sort of day.

I have added some new designs to my button/magnet/pocket mirror collection and will be adding more each week - if you would like something custom created for a wedding, party or business please let me know!  Small and large orders are welcome...and I am still creating custom, personalized ribbon and am slowly but surely expanding my custom product empire!  For ribbon or button information please email

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Have a fabulous day!


Emily said...

Have fun dropping the puck. I'm so excited it's almost hockey time - only three more weeks until my school's exhibition game!

xx Emily @

John said...

Sorry for the delays and unpleasantness. It's tough taking on city hall, but you'll be able to look back on this moment one day and know you did what you thought was right. I really admire you for it.

I really must start Downton one of these days. All my favorite people are always talking about it. :)

Lily Lemontree said...

I was wondering when you would come back to us, you have been missed! Sounds like you have been busy though, hope you have been eating your 'Wheaties' to keep up with that kind of pace!

About Last Weekend said...

Wow - you do soooo much for your community - you put me to shame, lady! People really appreciate you too, good on you for getting the puck job!

Adrienne said...

I am thinking that you should be mayor....thoughts on pursing a political career?

I spent at least an hour yesterday trying to watch DA Season 3 online with NO luck! All of the links I have found will not work with Mac or maybe because I am in the frustrating! I guess I will have to stick it out until January and watch reruns on DVDs until then.

Glad you're back to blogging!