Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday's Random Thoughts

It has been a crazy couple of week of meetings, meals, events and work! 

- On Sunday I attended a charity tea at High Heeled Life's can see the pictures here.

- On Monday I attended the annual Rural Urban dinner in our town.  The first surprise was when I found out we are the urban side.  Really?  Ok!  The rural side is verrry rural.  Farmers.  Like reallio trulio farmers.  The second surprise was when I realized that even tho we were sitting at the same table as 6 farmers, they weren't going to speak to us.  Hermes Scarf Friend and I tried forcing ourselves on them but they were having none of it!  The urbanites *ahem* are expected to mingle with the farmers and we will be called out if we don't.  It's all in fun and raises money for charity but I think I will raise some expectations of the next year they should actually speak to us!

- On Tuesday morning I had a civic awards meeting.  I picked up the chair of the committee and we went to another member's house.  He must be retired as he is around all the time and...he baked us scones!  I want to know who the heck has time at 8am to bake and clean up before someone comes over at 9am!  I didn't know much about what this meeting was about - and I was told I was chairing it!  Ummmm.  Shoooot!  I made it up as I went along and we got through it!  The chair sent me the nicest email telling me how much she admires and respects me.  I get a bit misty just thinking about it!

- Tuesday evening I had another meeting - Rotary Christmas fundraising this time.  Last year we made it competitive and had teams assigned to each of us.  This year we are keeping the teams but not the competition...but if we sell 500 hams and 150 boxes of chocolates the chair of the fundraising committee will come to a meeting in drag...and makeup.  He is currently growing his mustache for Movember.  This will be fun.

- If you follow me on Twitter you might've been witness to my thoughts on a conversation about ribbon colours for the Christmas chocolate fundraiser.  The chair thought pink ribbon on lime green boxes would be weird (because agreeing to dress in drag and makeup isn't weird).  A lawyer on Twitter actually offered to call him and sort it all out!  Now preps, don't worry, I got my way and we will be offering the choice of pink or red ribbon on the chocolate boxes. Crisis averted.

- The basement renovation is coming along nicely.  The drywall is almost all up which means the power tools will get a well as my headache.  The other day the guys were down there and a fight escalated until I thought it was going to come to blows.  The guy in charge knows one of the issues we have had is the noise level.  Not the work noise, but the stereo they play down there and the fighting that used to go on and rang through our entire of them has the whiniest voice, it just makes people want to punch him in the face!  Anyhoo, the fight got louder and louder until I heard the guy in charge yelled at the top of his lungs 'We're not supposed to be yelling!!!!!!!!'.  And then silence.

- Hermes Scarf Friend and I worked for the hospital gala last week.  We set up the silent auction room and there were 85 items!  Some of them were big ticket like Pilot Friend donated a flight for 4 to Ottawa, a tour of the parliament buildings and lunch with our local MP, trips to Toronto with hockey tickets, $400 bottles of wine and so much more!  I have watched enough soaps to know getting on the hospital board will be the pinnacle of my career as a Suburban Princess...this is step one towards that goal!  It was so much fun seeing my custom ribbon on a few of the auction items!  To order your own personalized ribbon please visit Royal Ribbons!

- The other day the Little Prince was looking at photos on one of the laptops.  He came across one from the highland games in the summer and said 'Oh I do love a marching band!'.  He is definitely an old soul!

- I went to a 'shopping extravaganza' the other night.  I was invited to bring my ribbon samples, a dish for the food table and a prize for the gift basket.  I had never been to this sort of thing so I had no idea what to expect.  I'm all for being a team player but I would struggle with asking people to bring so much to my house.  Have you been to such a thing?  The hostess invited lots of vendors from different companies to set up their displays and invited lots of guests to come and get some Christmas shopping done while holding a glass of wine and eating something one of the vendors brought.  One of the shoppers won the gift basket all the vendors donated to.

- Remembrance day brought nice weather.  I am always happy to know the people at the memorials don't have to stand in the rain or snow.  I find these events so emotional and end up having to think of other things while I am there so I don't start sobbing.

-  Does no one ask 'How are you?' back anymore?  I always lead with 'Hi so-and-so, how are you?' and almost always get 'Good thanks' back but they never ask me how I am!  It's a bit of a conversation killer isn't it?  I'm always left wondering if I am supposed to walk away, carry on with what I was going to say, stand there staring at them....

- I have been talking to the Little Prince about Santa and asked if he is going to write a letter to Santa.  'Yes'...Ok...I asked what he will say in the letter.  He replied, 'Thank you'.  Four words:  Mom. Of. The. Year.

Have a fabulous day!


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Wow what a whirlwind week!
I didn't know you were doing a basement are we. Like you I dislike the noise of those tools.
Hope it wraps up soon.

Adrienne said...

I am always impressed with how much you give back to your community. It shows what an involved, caring and energetic person you are.

You've been such an inspiration to me as I become more civic-minded. Thank you for all that you do to make the world a better place :)

Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

What a week! Makes me realize I am not as busy as I think I am! Happy Monday!

Tariro said...

You're living the exciting life! Haha. It's so great to see that you volunteer so much! And your son sounds absolutely adorable.

Kate Lewis said...

Good gracious, you stay busy!! You had me in giggles, though. :)

KatiePerk said...

You are one busy lady. Sounds like lots of great events though!

Teena in Toronto said...

Boy oh boy, you've been busy.

Nezzy said...

Your weekend sounds as full as mine. We had a wedding here on the Ponderosa. I'm pooped!!!

God bless and have a restful evenin' sweetie!!! :o)

Mom of 12 said...

Sounds like you have raised a fabulous kid!

Beth Dunn said...

AW! AH! little prince. What a nice little boy. I'll never intro u to mine hahaha

Sara Louise said...

What a week! 'Whirlwind' is the absolute best way to describe it! I hope you get to enjoy a relaxing weekend after all of that :-)
p.s. I'm making a mental not to always remember to ask, how are you, back to people!