Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Charity Tea Recap & Photos!

Last weekend I attended a charity tea at High Heeled Life's house.  It was called the Serendipity Christmas Tea and we were all asked to bring an unwrapped gift for a teen girl which would be donated to the local charity collecting for Christmas.

We were greeted at the door with a glass of champers.  You can see it ready and waiting on the table.  I've decided I need to be handed a glass the moment I walk into any building.

The all important branding and signage!

Some great items were collected for the teen girls who need some love at Christmas.

Every surface was beautifully decorated - I know the pain of living with a renovation!

Sometimes we just work with what we have!

Prepare to gain 10lbs just looking at the food - I lost track of how many treats I ate!

Everything was beautifully made and presented!

Never be afraid to ask if something you are deathly allergic to is in something you are being served.  Better safe than sorry!  I was told tho, these were amazing!  

More food read to be warmed up!  
These were delicious - cranberry and turkey I think!

Seriously...I would've forgotten to serve the tea!  
Fortunately HHL always has lots of people around to help out!

Three different teas with all the fixins!

Sugars and honey!

I had eaten so much I didn't even try to top it off with a scone, but everyone else raved about them!

Mmmm clotted cream.  'Nuff said!

After sugar and champers it's nice to have a glass of cold water

Uh huh.  We were expected to eat it all!

My favourite cupcakes!

Macarons.  NOT Macaroons.  Two totally different cookies. 
Don't try to tell me in America they are called Macaroons.
They aren't.

So about those cupcakes....if you are ever invited to HHL's house, ask for the cupcakes.

Treasures from Paris.

One of the tables all set for a group of ladies.

All the little details were perfect!

Every teacup was different!

Another table by the big comfy couches!

Magazines were laid out...just in case 7 women ran out of conversation!

Fresh flowers everywhere!

I sat at one of the couches to eat all of the yummy treats. My favourite was the egg salad sandwiches - apparently they contained some highly guarded, secret Italian ingredient.

Yes, I photographed other plates too!

Thanks for inviting me to your charity tea HHL!  I had a great time with the girls!

After we ate everyone gathered around the big couches and like fun loving women who are no threat to each other we laughed and screeched and cackled and had a great time!  Now we know one of the girls has her family's meals all cooked by her MIL, her husband gets the kids to school and does the ironing and the children sort the laundry.  She gets to read books and take baths (oh and work full time).  We are all a little jelly bean!

At the peak of hilarity there was a tentative knock at the door - the room went silent and one of the husbands was let in....looking terrified!  We sat there looking mostly prim and proper until we forgot he was standing there before we went back to conversations about why men cheat, how to make children say please, religion in the 1st and 3rd worlds and anything else we could come up with!
I was exhausted by the time I got home!  It was a great day for a great cause!

Have a fabulous day!


The imPerfect Housewife said...

I absolutely loved this post - from all the pictures to your fabulous sense of humor!! Now I'm hungry and feel like giving to a good cause. ♥

Barbara said...

God, I love parties like that. And to do it for charity is frosting on the cake. Literally.

Kelly L said...

I love the details in the decorating.. I wonder if the hostess has a very large area to store the items in... so pretty.
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High Heeled Life said...

It was a fun afternoon.. I'm looking forward to sharing many more with you and the ladies. Thank you for your support! and in case I forgot to mentioned it You looked gorgeous!!

Thank you for capturing the party, in photos... xo HHL

Teena in Toronto said...

So fancy! Looks fabulous!