Monday, October 3, 2011

An Autumn Explosion!

This weekend I pulled out all of my Autumn bins and dragged them to the living room so I could work on getting ready for Thanksgiving.  It looked like Autumn exploded in my house!

Where to begin?!

How do I have this much Autumn decor?

Pumpkins and orange abound!

Autumn and Thanksgiving cards need to be written and mailed!

Ornaments need to be hung, ribbon needs to be tied!

Table and kitchen linens need to be ironed!

Garland needs to be hung....everywhere!

I thought I would get a head start and went to put this year's paper plates in the pie boxes for sending leftovers home...they dont fit.  Le sigh.  Fortunately I had more from last year!

Everything that came out of this box smells amazing!  
Autumn, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and of course, Leaves.

Have a fabulous day!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't have single autumnal bit or bob, I love how Americans really throw themselves into all of the holidays.
And not a pumpkin latte to be found in Blighty!

Bella Michelle said...

I love Fall decorating!!! Your idea of having cute paper plates on hand for sending left overs home is a winner!

Jo said...

Happy Autumn!
Looks like you'll be busy with decorating and prepping for the holiday. Isn't that always the case ~ trying to get ahead only to take one step back :)

Have a great day ~

I may have you mail me some of your pumpkin surplus! Ha.

pretty pink tulips said...

I love changing out my home for the seasons! I've done a little Halloween (as it is so big in the states) before I move on to Thanksgiving.

The smells of cinnamon and pumpkin....mmmm, I'm ready for Fall!!!

xo Elizabeth

Erin said...

AHH! Look at all the decorations! I LOVE it! I want to decorate for Fall so badly, but we just moved and stuff is already in chaos. I don't think adding decorations over the chaos would help, so I'll just admire all of yours!

Adrienne said...

Wow! You are so very festive! I don't have one single autumn decoration...isn't that sad?

Miss Janice said...

Cute Autumn loot SP! I love decorating for Autumn and want to leave it up forever 'cuz it's in my color wheel:)

Teena in Toronto said...

Whoa! That's a lot of autumn stuff!

Glitterista said...

What great decorations! You should post again with your garland up! ;)

Suburban Princess said...

B&P - I'm not American...few Canadians go all out to decorate for fall so I am a trailblazer here :O)

Bella - I stole the idea from Miss Janice ;o)

Jo - If you need a shipment let me know.

Adrienne - You are recuperating! And you have some time :O)

Glitter - I will, before our parents arrive I will be running around with the camera!

jules said...

I was a bit overwhelmed the other day too when I dug out all 6 totes of my autumn decor! Everything is so pretty!