Monday, September 20, 2010

Kiel James Patrick - The perfect preppy accessory!

In case you have never heard of him (which would shock me as Kiel seems to be everywhere these days!), Kiel James Patrick has the most super duper bracelets in all sorts of colours and patterns, all of them uber preppy!  Natch!  He was kind enough to send me a couple to review - such a tough job I have!  They arrived last week and I have had the chance to try them out, judge the quality and shmooze a little with their creator.

From The KJP Website...

The concept for the Kiel James Patrick brand, and the original KJP bracelets, began when I was in prep school. I used to shop in antique and vintage clothing stores, and rummage through friends' attics, always looking for classic-styled clothing from an older era that was long forgotten.

I ultimately became obsessed with the simplicity and superior craftsmanship of old clothing. This was something you could no longer find in current fashions. Family tartans, English regimental stripes, high quality woven wool from Scotland and Ireland, and jacquard woven silk ties captured my imagination from a fashion design standpoint.

By combining these classic patterns and fabrics, I began creating small, detailed fashion accessories, which I would wear myself. My goal was to make my own fashion statement, and allow myself to feel a bit like an individual during my high school years.

Everything I design is handcrafted in the United States. Other designers ship off their designs to various countries to save a few bucks, and wind up selling low-quality or inferior and generic-looking products.

The Kiel James Patrick signature brass buttons, for example, are made down the street at Urschell Tool, a company that specializes in belt buckles and military pins. Meanwhile, our handcrafted leatherwork is all done a few miles from the KJP offices, at Bren Corporation in Johnston, Rhode Island.

Our fabrics are all purchased locally, from Rhode Island and Boston area businesses, and the nautical rope we use comes from T.W. Evan in Cranston, Rhode Island. Even our production is based in my home state of Rhode Island.

Our five-room design studio, which is also the KJP headquarters, is in Rhode Island, just a few miles from where I grew up. As we expand our product lines and grow the Kiel James Patrick brand, I will continue supporting local businesses, and providing new jobs to the people from my community.

This is the Breshex Louie pattern in size small on my teensie little wrist

Kiel has come out with a new collection for Fall 2010 including the all new Skinny Fit bracelets!  They are 7/8" instead of 1.25" that the original designs still come in.  This is such a genius move!  Wearing the thicker bracelets all summer is easy when we are wearing short sleeves all the time but I had actually packed away my original KJP bracelet as I know it would be a bit too thick under sweaters.  Now we have an excuse to buy them for Autumn and Winter too!

The photo above is a Skinny Fit in Breshexx Louis and as you can see it would be perfect with every LLBean sweater in your closet!  Kiel told me I am the only person to ever notice the difference in the colour patterns - mine has pink in it, the one shown on the KJP website has mostly beige stripes on it - which wouldn't surprise anyone who knows me well...I will pick out the tiniest detail!  Keil explained the pattern repeat is wider than the length of the bracelet plus it is cut on the bias which means each one will be slightly different.  I love that!  Kiel is all about the details - I mean just look at the reverse side - every bracelet has quality fabrics on the front and the back.

Kiel also sent me a Skinny Fit bracelet in Druxbury Fulton which is just the perfect Autumn accessory!  I havn't had the chance to wear it out yet but I did try it on and love it and it goes with all of my Autumn clothes!  As with all KJP products it has been made with top quality materials and is made to last.  I am sure I will be 70, buying the next Lisa Birnbach book while wearing a KJP bracelet, embroidered cords and a turtleneck. 

KJP isn't just about bracelets...there are belts and headbands made in the same style with the same quality!

Kiel isn't alone in his quest to adorn the wrists, heads and waists of every preppy in the world...Sarah and Hannah are also a part of the business!  From Kiel...

Hannah is our favorite intern ever. Sarah aids me in adding feminine touches to the designs as my designs sometime tend to be a little too masculine. Sarah also picks wardrobe for marketing and dressing our help for any events we are having.

As if that isn't are some more reasons to love KJP!

- Free shipping on all domestic orders!  This includes Canada!
- Kiel is good friends with his iron - he even showed me one of his freshly ironed t-shirts!
- The man can sew! 
- He started with an idea...earned the money to back it and made a success of it!
- He answers all of his emails in a timely fashion - I love this!
- KJP customer service is outstanding!

I hope you didn't think we wouldn't be doing a giveaway as well! 

Kiel has offered 2...yes 2 of his bracelets for you to win!

There are lots of ways to earn entries - do them all or as many as you feel like!

- Leave a comment - 1 entry
- Follow this blog - 1 entry
- Blog about this giveaway - 1 entry
- Put this giveaway on your sidebar - 1 entry
- Be a fan of Suburban Princess on Facebook - 1 entry
- Be a fan of Kiel James Patrick on Facebook - 1 entry
- Post about this giveaway on Facebook - 1 entry
- Follow me on Twitter - 1 entry
- Follow Kiel James Patrick on Twitter - 1 entry
- Tweet about this giveaway - 1 entry
- Go to the Kiel James Patrick site and tell me which pattern you love best - 5 entries

Please put all of your entries in one post (ok, two if you need to) so it is easy for me to count up. Please don't leave a new comment for each entry.

I do notice if you only post on my giveaways!
The winners will be drawn on Monday, September 27th.

Good luck everyone!

In case you are favourite KJP item...

Mischievous Vickers!

PS...I have added 'KJP bracelet named after me' to my 2011 goals!

Have a fabulous day!


Associate Girl said...

Oh Oh Oh I want the one with the South Carolina palm and moon, as I got married in Charleston, but i like the whales too.

Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

Thank you for hosting! I love the Daisy Buchanan skinny bracelet. Please put me down for nine entries- commenting, following, FB fans and fave pattern. Hope you're doing well. xo xo

High Heeled Life said...

What a wonderful giveaway!!! He would be the perfect Preppy accessory to win... oh but the bracelets are awesome too .. and much easier to store .. he is cute.

Comment - check

Follow (of course) - check

Side-bar link back to your post - check

Vist Kiel James website ~ check

my favs are:
Druxbury Fulton
BarnStaple & Burn shack flat...

Total 8 for me please...

Hugs.. HHL

Miss Southern Prep said...

Fabulous giveaway! I have been dying for a KJP bracelet!

1. I love the Atticus Finch pattern!
2. I'm a follower.
3. I added this giveaway to my sidebar.

Hope you have a great day!

Lily Lemontree said...

What a super giveaway, I just love his stuff! (1)I am a faithful follower of your blog and (2)on twitter. (3)I also follow KJP on twitter. (4)I will definitely post about the giveaway today and (5)will put it in my sidebar as well!
(6) RT'd your tweet and will continue to tweet about it! (7)And of course my fav is 'Abaft the Beam', it was made for me!!

An Inquiring Mind said...

I can't even say how excited I am that these come in extra small...I have the tiniest wrist and can't wear most bracelets.

I follow you!

Blogged about the giveaway here-

I'm a fan on Facebook of you

I'm a fan of KJP on Facebook.

I follow you on Twitter.

I follow KJP on Twitter.

I LOVE the pink Adelson Lillibridge Brook rope bracelet. That is SO me!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! You know I am going to enter this one! I love KJP! Big fan of his headbands and bracelets. You can never have enough! I am a follower, natch!

Just Add Walter said...

awesome giveaway!!! thanks for the heads up this morning!!

I am a follower!

I follow you on twitter (just_add_walter)

I follow KJP on twitter (just_add_walter)

added link to giveaway on my sidebar!

I love the "Daisy Buchanan" slim fit bracelet!!

KatiePerk said...

What a smashing giveaway! These are great bracelets!

I am a follower.
I like KJP on FB.
I like you on FB.

I love the Daisy Buchanan pattern!

BroncoMom said...

Suburban Princess,
This is a fantastic way to start a new week. Going to the Kiel James Patrick site is liking asking a child to pick out her favorite candy! Love the Callievack Wallies pattern. The colors are strong enough to carry the new seasons colors. The paisley in this design is my all time favorite. With just a hint of pink, how could I resist picking this one? My Pal Rusty came in as a second runner up though. Please mark BroncoMom for 9 entries.
Crossing my fingers for this one Suburban Princess!!

Corinne said...

I'm already a fan of Kiel James Patrick on Facebook, follow him on Twitter and own 3 bracelets and 1 headband. The Fall 2010 pattern I really love is Rockwell In Berkshires while My Pal Rusty is a close second--I love Scottie Dogs.

I've just followed you on Twitter and posted a Tweet about the contest too!

Beth Dunn said...

Love KJP-my son looks great in his bracelets and I love his earrings/belts

mariel said...

I just found your blog through KJP's twitter. Love it!

Here are my entries:
-I'm leaving a comment
-I follow your blog on google reader
-I follow you on twitter
-I follow KJP on twitter
-I "like" KJP on facebook
-My favorite is the "Daisy Buchanan." The name, the pink & teal color scheme...j'adore!

Tariro said...

Followed :)
Became a fan of you & already a fan of KJP
Followed you on twitter & already following KJP
Tweeted :)
I love the Tallie Mandorak Reed design! Its so gorgeous & the patterns are all so pretty!

Great giveaway!

Screen Door Prep said...

Thanks for hosting this giveaway!
I am a follower.
I am a fan of Suburban Princess on Facebook.
I just became a fan of Kiel James Patrick on Facebook.
I follow you on Twitter.
I follow Kiel James Patrick on Twitter.
I tweeted about this giveaway.
I *love* the Hilton Head floral of Jessamine pattern.

I believe that makes 12?! Which is awesome since I was already doing most of it. =) =) =)

artlover72595 said...

Became a fan of KJP on facebook
Became a fan of your blog :)
and my favorite bracelt is Linny's Palms Hammock

living well said...

I love KJP! And I'm a follower!

Ruth said...

I am a follower and leaving a comment.

Can I have the guy in the picture?

love the new layout.

Kait @ unecloche said...

hi there (: I've only just found out about your blog--it's too cute! (found out via Tariro @ mysavile!)
anyway, i am absolutely in love with these KJP bracelets. i've had my eye on Holden Caufield and Atticus Finch (ironically, two of my favorite novel characters!)
- Leave a comment - 1 entry
- Follow this blog - 1 entry
- Follow me on Twitter - 1 entry
- Follow Kiel James Patrick on Twitter - 1 entry
- Tweet about this giveaway - 1 entry (
- Go to the Kiel James Patrick site and tell me which pattern you love best - 5 entries

that's a total of 10 for me, although i doubt the twitter ones will count since i have no followers! lol...

xo kait

Carole said...

13 Entries--thank you!

1)Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I'm a KJP fan.
2)I follow you on Twitter.
3)I tweeted the giveaway:
4)I follow your blog.
5) I follow you on FB.
6) I follow KJP on FB.
7) I follow KielJP on Twitter.
8--> 12)I like Starkling Sands in Raleyush pattern.
13) I shared your giveaway on my FB page:!/?ref=home

Ms. Bake-it said...

- Great giveaway! Does he come with the bracelet?
- I happily follow LSP
- I follow you on Twitter
- I follow Kiel James Patrick on Twitter
- I tweeted about this giveaway
- I love the entire Cape & Brighton Beach collection!

Hope you are having a fantastic day!

~ Tracy

mFw said...

Love these bracelets - 1
I follow you! - 1
I blogged about this - 1
I'm a fan of Suburban Princess on FB - 1
I'm a fan of Kiel on FB - 1
I follow you on Twitter - 1
I love the anchor pattern - 1

Thanks! 7 entries!

Anonymous said...

my favorite bracelet is tristam calm waters and linny's palms hammock. very cute (:
i blogged about it on polyvore. here's the link. :
i'm fan of you and KJP on facebook. and thank you!

Royar said...

I left a comment, 1 entry
I Follow this blog, 1 entry
I will blog about this giveaway tomorrow, 1 entry
I'm a fan of of Suburban Princess and Kiel James Patrick on Facebook, 2 entries
I follow you and Kiel James Patrick on Twitter, 2 entries
I tweeted about this, 1 entry
My favorite item is the Holden Caulfield Bracelet - 5 entries

13 entries!

Great giveaway!

suburban prep said...

I love the different patterns that they offer.
I think that my favorite is the Mr Rusty Pal.
I am a follower.

7 enteries

Jeannie said...

I love this giveaway!!!
I'm a follower.
I am blogged about it.
It's on my sidebar.
I am a fan of both of you on Twitter and Facebook.
I tweeted this giveaway.
This ones hard, I love all of them...but my favorite is Linny's Palms Hammock.

That's 14 entries! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Gwen said...

What an absolutely fabulous give away!!!!

I definitely follow your blog!

I added your giveaway to my sidebar!

I'm a fan of Suburban Princess on Facebook!

I'm a fan of Keil James Patrick on Facebook too!

I follow you on Twitter!

And I follow KJP on Twitter!

My favorite pattern is a toss up between Lydias Staircase Rail or Benjamin Stanton's Tartan Satchel!

Please put me down for 12 entries. YAY!!! I sure hope I win. LOL!!


Chitown Meg said...

Hi! Ok...I'm gonna try this a third computer or the blog system doesn't seem to like me much right now! I stumbled upon your blog via FB! How cute :)Sooo here are my entries into your AWESOME giveaway:

1) I'm commenting here
2) I like you on FB
3) I'm blogging about it on my blog
4) I'm following you!
5) My fave KJP: Linny's Palms Hammocks
Which equals 9 ENTRIES I think?? :)

I look forward to following your future blog posts!


txmom said...

Too lazy to enter the giveaway, but I did follow the link to the KJP website and immediately fell in love with these bracelets.....and ordered two of them: one for my college age daughter and one for me! So unique. I wanted one in every pattern!

knitwit said...

What a great idea! I'm leaving a comment and I'm already a follower, but I fear my giveaway luck might be running short right now since I won your last one! However, this is such a cool idea, if I don't win, I'm going to try making my own version!

Hillcrest Acres said...

Love, love, love this giveaway!!!
I'm a follower.
I posted about this fabulous giveaway on the sidebar of my blog.
My favorite pattern is the Linny's Palms Hammock.

Yeah...that gives me 8 entries.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

My favorite is Benjamin Stantons Tartan Satchel. I follow your blog (of course); I'm your fan on FB & his; I follow you & him on Twitter.

So 11 enteries?

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

I’ve left a comment (+1)
I’m you newest follower (#332) (+1)
I blogged about this Giveaway! (+1)
This giveaway is on my sidebar (+1)
I “like” KJP on Facebook (+1)
I now follow you on twitter (@himyf) (+1)
I already follow KJP on facebook (+1)
I tweeted about this Giveaway (+1)
I love the Palm Hammock Pattern (+5)

That’s 13 entries for me!!

Coastal Southern said...

Favorite: Linny's palm hammock (1pt)
Comment on this post (1 pt)
I'm a fan of you and KJP on twitter ( 2 pt)
I'm now following your blog (1 pt)
I just tweeted about the giveaway (1 pt)

Sweet Southern Prep said...

What a great giveaway! You know I follow you. I also follow KJP on Twitter. I would love to make the Linny's Palms Hammock mine. :)

8 Entries. Thanks!!

Cool Gal said...

Please count me in. Fabulous giveaway!

1. I am a follower. (1)

2. I left a comment. (1)

3. I love the Linny's Palms Hammock! (5)

4. I will post about your giveaway on my sidebar. (1)

That's 8 for me, please.

Thank you so much!

JMW said...

I am a new follower - please enter me in the drawing! BTW, great blog. Love the images below of the Suburban Royalty. :)

Emmy said...

1) Im commenting
2) Im a follower
3) Im a fan of KPG on facebook
4) I follow KPG on twitter
5) My favorite is Linny's Palms Hammock

Total :9 entries

Emmy said...

1) Im leaving a comment
2) im a follower
3) Im a fan of KPG on facebooks
4) follower of KPG on twitter
5) Nittys Palms Hammocks

Total" 9 entries

Kimmie said...

New to your blog but would love a chance to win :)

North of 25A said...

Adorable! I know some 8th grade girls who would think these are 'awesome'!
Love your blog - 1
FB fan - 1
Want a bracelet - 1

Hope you are feeling better!

MrsMatched said...

#1 Enter me, please! I would love to have a KJP piece!
#2 I follow this blog
#3 I am a fan of Suburban Princess on Facebook
#4 I am a fan of Kiel James Patrick on Facebook
#5 I posted about this giveaway on Facebook
#6 I follow you on Twitter
#7 I follow Kiel James Patrick on Twitter

Thanks for hosting this giveaway!
TNRepublcn at
- Tweet about this giveaway - 1 entry
- Go to the Kiel James Patrick site and tell me which pattern you love best - 5 entries

Anonymous said...

How adorable and classic are those bracelets?! I definitely have to check out that website- thanks!

K-jo said...

Awesome giveaway...found your blog at "It's the World I Know."
Become a follower - 1
Leaving a comment - 1
My fave is the Linny's Palms Hammock - 5