Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday's Random Thoughts

Happy Friday!

I don't have a post ready today - life is just so busy!

- The Little Prince has started putting his tiny little finger to his lips and whispering 'Shhh quiet' which just cracks me up!  He counts to 13 at least and his teacher told me that is phenomenal for his age.  Yes I am a bit smug about it.

- People have been speaking to me like I should have children's services monitoring me when I tell them the Little Prince doesn't eat candy, I have never given it to him and have no intention of starting.  I really don't think the girl working at First Choice Haircutters really needs to give me parenting advice - especially when she told me her child loves candy and has to be on medication for her hyperactivity.  Anyone see a connection?

- I have decided to go ahead with my book.  High Heeled Life showed me a way to publish it so my goal is to have it ready to buy by Autumn.  Feel free to pre-order now!

- I wish people would take word-verification off their blogs.  It just means lots of extra clicking and extra time spent trying to leave a comment.  I end up sometimes not commenting because I can't be bothered or dont have a lot of time.

- I found an amazing gluten-free bakery so I have been able to eat tomato sandwiches again!  YUM! They also sell their flour which means I am able to make all of your delicious cupcakes!

- I joined Twitter and now see what all the fuss is - but my goodness, there is so much to learn about!

- Someone I know is always whinging about her money problems and how she just wants someone to give her money.  I love making her look like an idiot for not taking control of her own problems - she owns a big house she could sell and she could find a better paying job since the economy has recovered and their are lots of jobs out there.  No, I'm not always so passive-aggressive.

- I am putting together a surprise 50th anniversary party for my inlaws.  I asked a friend of theirs to give me the names of a FEW couples I should invite - he emailed me and cc'd every single person he knows and told them.  Sooooo 30-40 people now know about a party they are not invited to but will no doubt assume they are invited to.  That's also 30-40 people who know about the party that I have no control over - meaning I dont know if they will keep their mouths shut!  Guess who is no longer invited!  The Suburban Prince hit.the.roof.  I emailed everyone he cc'd and told them I have no idea why they were emailed about this and apologized for the intrusion.  No one has emailed me back. 

- I am sad about my tan.  It is nowhere near as dark as usual and I feel like summer is speeding by.  I need more time at 'the office'.

- I have given up on the sorority.  I never really felt comfortable in the chapter I was rushing so I have decided not to join.  They weren't keen on the idea of t-shirts with Greek letters appliqued in Lilly fabric anyway.

- I have decided to check out Rotary.  A few people I know belong so I am looking forward to it.  They seem to do more and the kind of people I would like to meet belong to it. 

- I am going to attempt to make raspberry dark chocolate ice cream this weekend.  I have lots of Dove chocolates I can chop up and about 4000lbs of raspberries in the garden.  I just need a few more ingredients and I am good to go!  Now to learn how to use the ice cream maker!  I know it is going to taste so yummy but it makes me a little sad that showing it off sharing it will be impossible as it is about 38 degrees with the humidity - I doubt my ice cream would survive the short walk from the front door to the driveway!

- I may be one of the few preppies who doesn't live for summer.  I have been daydreaming about pumpkin spice lattes a lot lately.  Yes Ali, I know...wash my mouth out with chocolate.

Have a fabulous day!


Trish said...

I will be more than happy to sample your ice cream :O)

And your going to publish a book!!!! NO WAY! I MUST have a copy!!!!!

I Asked For Scrambled said...

Good on ya for sticking to your guns about candy! I don't have kids, but when/if I do, they won't have candy either. I see how it makes my nieces & nephews react and, yeah, no thank you.

I'm in the same boat with my tan too. :(

MCW said...

You have such interesting random thoughts!

I didn't know there were grown up sorority's. In college I joined one so I could hang with the cute frat boys :)

Summer is a Verb said...

Sacrilege!!! But, I washed my mouth out with enough choclate last night for the both of us so you're off the hoof. My sister made homemade Berger cookies. Death of any diet...XXOO

Ms. Bake-it said...

I used to get strange comments when people found out I did not give my boys candy. I also did not allow soda. That was for special treats only. The boys certainly did not think they were deprived. Your ice cream sounds delicious! You need to share the recipes with us if you are going to taunt us that way! I have a friend who is gluten intolerant and it has been quite challenging and interesting coming up with recipes for her. Somehow I have missed the part about you writing a book... Guess I better search your archives.

~ Tracy

knitwit said...

Homemade ice cream is so much better than store bought!
Removing gluten and dairy from my kid's diet made a tangible difference to his behaviour. Removing most of the sugar he was taking in ELIMINATED his hyperactivity--phenomenal, considering he was like a little tasmanian devil a year ago. You keep doing what you're doing and ignore the naysayers!!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Consider this my pre-order for your book!

I was in Rotary BC (before children) & really enjoyed it. However, it was a lot of business people & now I wouldn't fit in.

Sometimes people act like that because neither my children nor I chew gum.

Kim Reese said...

Homemade ice cream is always fun and pretty easy to make! Hop y'all have fun!!

Pink Martini said...

Have a good weekend. My guys just made Cherry Garcia again last night. We have the electric mixer that you add ice and salt to. Turns out great. Good luck with yours. That sounds delish. Raspberries? Just bought a small, small pack for $4.00. You lucky, lucky picker!! :) xoxo

Toad said...

please accept my pre order

living well said...

Raspberry dark chocolate icecream sounds delicious!!

Princess Freckles said...

Congrats on the decision to publish your book! That is such wonderful news! I can't wait! :)

I know how you feel when people complain about issues (like money or their weight) they have complete control over, or haven't really exhausted every option. I get so sick of people complaining about their weight when they do nothing to try to change it! Or a friend of mine with loads of credit card debt, yet she just charged a new Gucci purse! Hello?!?!

Have fun making ice cream!

High Heeled Life said...

I'm pre-ordering...I can't wait to read your book!!!!

Yay... for LP, he is showing them what he is made of! His counting is exciting.

Hmm... twitter, I have not explored that yet... I hear lots about it from friends.

Good point on the word verifictaion- I have it on my my too :( - guilty as charged - maybe I'll see if there is a difference if I take it off for awhile. Thanks for bring it to the fore front, I'm sure many of have not thought about it in that way.

Ok... I'm with Ms. Bake-it if you are going to tease us with your ice -cream adventure..please share the recipe!!! Have a great day ..HHL

Nezzy said...

Woohoo, good for you and your book adventure, the best of luck to ya.

Sounds like Little Prince is a bloomin' genius!!! Of course, ya already knew that!

Have a delightfully blessed weekend sweetie!!!

Sherrie said...

I remember the days when I only had Ben. He did not have candy or soda until he was MUCH MUCH older than the age Cooper has. Sometimes it stinks having older siblings because it is so much harder to control things they are exposed to. I should know as I just paid a $940 dental bill for Cooper (and the dentist didn't think it had anything to do with that, my boys just get their weak teeth from their father;))

pve design said...

I witnessed a child having ice cream at 9 in the morning? Hello? I am looking forward to the Autumn, and lots of the color orange!~

flip flops and pearls said...

Another pre-order!!!

I am with ya on the tan......I need a good week to lay in the sun and do NOTHING!!

I came to you via the blog hop! Happy Friday:)

pink green & southern said...

Oh how I love a tomato sandwich--so glad you can indulge, lol!

Ruth said...

I can't wait to hear how the ice cream turns out. It sounds so yummuy.

Popped over from the blog hop.

Beth Dunn said...

OK I'm so with you on the word verification thing. The only problem my blog friends seem to have is with a hater, not a spammer. Although someone did post a link to some weird site the other day--that is literally the 1st time since I started blogging-so who cares!

Kassie said...

SO frustrating about the surprise party!! Can't believe someone would do that.

thepreppyprincess said...

Good for you on the book decision, that is awesome! What a shame about the no-longer-a-surprise-party, you would have done a great job with that.

I love your Little Prince ssshing, how cute!

Associate Girl said...

Me too! Me Too! I want a pumpkin spice latte sooo badly right now. I actually know a Starbucks that has a bottle of the syrup - however, I am making myself wait until at least back to school time to get one.

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

That is the craziest thing ever about the surprise party! I would be so frustrated. What an awkward situation you were put in (but it sounds like you're handling it very well).

The ice cream sounds delish! Can't wait to hear how it turned out!