Thursday, July 8, 2010

The City - Some interesting tidbits....

Waaayyyyyy back in the early 90's there was a fun little band from Thornhill, Ontario called Moxy Fruvous.  They had a catchy little song called King of Spain and during that era of Grunge and Brenda Walsh's angst their music provided a wonderful comic relief. 

"Royalty, lord it looked good on me...."

Years later, one of the members of Moxy Fruvous (Jian Ghomeshi) went on to host a talk radio show on the CBC.  He was in the fortunate position to meet and interview many interesting celebrities - Canadian interviewers ask the tough questions - his most notable is the infamous Billy Bob Thornton interview.

On April 8, 2009, Billy Bob Thornton appeared with his band, The Boxmasters, on Q, with Ghomeshi hosting. In introducing Thornton, Ghomeshi good naturedly mentioned Thornton's "day job" as "Oscar-winning screenwriter, actor and director", and added, "he's always intended to make music, he just got sidetracked." Though he wasn't asked about his film work, Thornton became annoyed, having previously told the show's producers that he didn't want to talk about his film career, and immediately began giving erratic answers to Ghomeshi's questions, such as "I don't know what you're talking about" and "I don't know what you mean by that," when asked how long the band had been together. When queried about his musical tastes and influences as a child, Thornton gave a long, unrelated answer about his favorite childhood magazine, Famous Monsters of Filmland.

Thornton then expressed the cause of his anger, and Ghomeshi called for "a truce," after which Thornton began answering questions more directly. He did remain testy, however, complaining that Canadians didn't get up and move or throw things at concerts, and referring to them as "mashed potatoes without the gravy." Ghomeshi replied, "Oh, we've got some gravy up here as well." The interview caused an outpouring of criticism from across Canada and around the world for the actor's behavior.  The following night, Thornton's band opened for Willie Nelson at Toronto's prestigious Massey Hall. A series of boos and catcalls erupted mid-set when Thornton tried to explain he liked Canadians, but not Ghomeshi and many fans chanted "Here comes the gravy!"

Thornton and The Boxmasters subsequently cancelled the rest of their Canadian tour, officially because a band member and several crew members caught the flu.  Ghomeshi described the interview as one of the most difficult he has ever conducted and compared the international media exposure he received to being "in the middle of a tsunami."

The Interview

The other night when I was watching The City (yes, I watch MTV) Kelly told the girls about a singer called Lights who was coming to town and needed clothes - I have never heard of Lights.  Her manager would be coming by with her.  I didn't catch the manager's name but imagine my surprise when I saw a familiar face!  Jian Ghomeshi is the manager and came to pick clothes for Lights from Whitney's line!

It's like all of my worlds are colliding!

(Unfortunately Youtube has removed the video *sigh* but since I had this all written out I decided to go ahead with it even without the clip that inspired it!)

But I saw this screenshot on!

Have a fabulous day!

***Many thanks to Wikipedia for always making me look smarter than I actually am***


Mommy Lisa said...

Billy Bob is a tool.

High Heeled Life said...

He always seemed a little off ---BBT..

Oh yes you responded on email... I started my day on a slow note today.. I've responded back now.. Have a great day HHL

Toad said...

What a great post, i was afraid i was the only one on earth who found BBT insufferable.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

He sounds like he is full of himself...downright weird.
I like Jin Ghomeshi...and Canadians are not mashed potatoes....but I do love spuds and gravy!

thepreppyprincess said...

Sometimes BBT is entertaining. That would be in very. small. doses. (Extremely small.) So this made for a fascinating read, let alone the entire parallel worlds coming together theme!

Sending you a smile,

Shrimp and Glitz said...

Hi! I came to tell you I gave you an award on my blog :)

Nikosmommy said...

I had no idea that Jian was in Moxie Fruvus!!?!?! That's crazy! And even stranger is that he's Lights manager? Her music is on the radio here all the time. Her voice is cute and airy and light...she'll go places I'm sure!

Travelbugmom said...

Very interesting!!!!!!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I loved Moxie Fruvous and I really like Jian Ghomeshi; so how totally cool that they are (so to speak) one and the same. Thanks for the info.

And more gravy coming from this end of Canada all the way to Billy Bob "Thorn-head"! Booo! Hissss! Boooo! Hissss!

Allan said...

Oh, so you seem to like Jian Ghomeshi.
We're all about Jian Ghomeshi these days at Tea Makers

all you can eat
and tha's no joke.