Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weekend recap and more!

I had a very busy and fun weekend!  On Friday night we went to see Sweeney Todd and on Saturday afternoon the bestie and I walked down to the theatre to see it for the last time.  I am sad it has come to an end and I am so looking forward to the next time it appears in this area!

The set of Sweeney Todd - the pie shop actually spins around and Mrs Lovett's parlour is on the other side.  There are stairs on both sides making a walkway across the top and providing access to the barber shop.

Last Friday, after the show we went to the local pub for drinks and a bite to eat, and gossip...always gossip!  All of the cast came in to the same pub so we got to sit with them and chat about the show - it helps that we know the man who played The Beadle.  I was telling our friend that Sweeney Todd is my absolute favourite show and I have seen it 13 times now so he called the actor who played Sweeney over and he and I spent the next hour disecting his performance and talking about other productions and the movie.  I am sure everyone around us was bored to tears but he and I had a great time!  I told him I thought a certain scene should be played slightly more jovial because it is meant to take the audience by surprise and the way he played it that night it was obvious what was coming - he took my advice and at the end of another performance the woman next to me said she was soooo surprised!  I sent him a red carnation and a note the next day telling him what an amazing job he did!  He wrote me a lovely note back saying what an honour it was to meet someone who is almost as much of a fan of Sweeney as he is!

On Saturday night we all went to the mutual friends' house for nibblies and drinks - they surprised me with a yummy birthday cake with candle and an angel statue for the garden!  The mutual friends are leaving for Florida on Friday morning and wont be around for my birthday so it was very nice of them to do this ahead of time!

On Sunday we discovered the zoo isnt open in the winter so we went to the playground instead.  In November we got a huge, fabulous new playground so it is always full of moms and kids these days!  After we played for a while we went for brunch then came home to get stuff done in the house and get ready for another busy week!

Yesterday I finally tackled figuring out how to put music on my ipod.  Yes, I am so old that I was born before these instructions came as a part of one's dna!  I was so excited when 4 hours later I was actually listening to (you guessed it) Sweeney Todd on my ipod!  I did put lots of other music on it too but I had to get one last Sweeney reference in.  I assure you, unless there is a surprise production of it in my living room, this is the last time I will bore you with it.

This morning the Little Prince is at nursery school and we have an appointment with the speech pathologist at noon.  I am still so impressed at how fast this has happened!  5 weeks from my initial phone call and here we are in the system and moving along quickly towards getting some words from the Little Prince! 

Tomorrow we have baby time at the library - it is the last one for a few weeks which is almost a relief because I seem to be running out of time every single day!  I am also trying out a new housekeeper in the afternoon - wish me luck!  I would love to find someone and get those few hours back!  I am so incredibly sick of cleaning toilets and mopping floors!

To answer a couple of questions I get from time to time...

I know so many people because I talk to everyone.  EVERYONE!  You know when you are standing in line at the post office or some such place and you see someone wearing a really nice scarf or who smells really nice - I am the person who will tell them how nice their perfume/scarf/hat is - I also always stop to tell mothers how well behaved their child is (if the child is well behaved).  I just cant help myself!  I learned a long time ago that compliments are free so give them out!  Nothing will make someone want to know you more than letting them know how fabulous they are!

I know it sounds like I am off galavanting every hour of the day but I do spend quite a bit of time at home.  The Little Prince is very important to me so if I go out at night it is usually not until he has gone to bed.  Rarely will I go out before bedtime but if I do it is when the Suburban Prince is home or my MIL is here since she raised 3 boys and knows how to get them fed and to bed!  I have a regular babysitter who comes and watches movies while the Little Prince sleeps.  If I go out to lunch it is when the Suburban Prince is home and they are spending 'guy time' at the playground or in the woods.  Of course the Suburban Prince is very important to me too and we spend the evenings together when he is home.  The nice part of being married to someone who works swing shift is the lack of guilt.  When he is working the night shift I can get the Little Prince to bed, get the babysitter settled with chips and a movie and go out for a couple of hours in the evening without feeling like I am letting anyone down.

My appologies for not commenting on your blogs as much as I usually do - I have just been so busy with life and it is hard enough to blog about my own life on a daily basis that I am having trouble keeping up with all of you!  Please forgive me!  When I get time I do read the most recent posts and comment as much as I can!

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Have a fabulous day!


OceanDreams said...

Glad to hear that you are doing well and having fun with friends! Glad you are making time for your family too, that is very important!

thepreppyprincess said...

Oh Miss Princess, we hope by the time you see your Little Prince has enjoyed a positive experience with the Speech Pathologist. The Sweeney Todd sojourns sound like great fun, especially chatting with the actor playing the lead role. And it never seemed to us as though you were away from home a lot...?

Sending you a smile,

Janine said...

Sounds like you are moving right along with the Little Prince. Fabulous and I just reading all about what you do!

Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

Glad y'all had a good weekend! I would love to see this show!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I absolutely love Sweeney Tood! I'd really like to see the stage show if it ever comes to our city!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Busy girl! The show sounds great! Way to tackle the iPod! it will be well worth your troubles!