Friday, March 5, 2010

Swing your razor high Sweeney! (Or, have a great weekend!)

Happy Friday!!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!   Please don't miss out on my March LillyP Giveaway!

I still have a couple of pairs of Olympic mittens - if you would like to buy a pair (or two) please email me!

Thank you to everyone who helped me with the blogger editor!!!  I got it switched over and yes this is much easier but at the same time much different.  There is no spell check!  Or do I need to tell it to add spell check?

To answer a question from yesterday...We went to Morocco for the first 3 weeks of our honeymoon.  We spent a few days relaxing poolside in Agadir and then flew to Casablanca where we started the real tour of Morocco.  Casablanca is really not as glamourous as one would think.  There was nothing fabulous about the place as it is more of a business centre as opposed to a touristy kind of place.  There are so many other places I would recommend visiting in Morocco but we needed to get to Casablanca to meet a group of people - we only stayed one night and one morning there.

Tonight the Suburban Prince and I are going to see Sweeney Todd - I can't wait!  I have hardly seen him all week so it will be nice to spend an evening together watching the show!

The weather here is supposed to be beautiful (10degrees!!) so we are going to take the Little Prince to the zoo on Sunday morning.  I am looking forward to being outside in the sunshine!  I can't believe how much I have missed just being able to walk around outside!

I spoke with my golf teacher this week as he is back in Canada after a winter down south!  I told him I want to run charity golf tournaments so he is going to help me get in with all of the bigwigs at the golf and country clubs!  He said he himself runs a few tournaments through the season so I will be helping him and learning the ropes!  Hopefully I will figure out my purpose in life soon!

Did you see RHNYC last night?  I hear it was very dramatic!  I didn't see it as it doesn't air here for a while - months even - so I will have to try to find it online!  Unfortunately sites like Bravo dont allow anyone from other countries to watch their videos so I will have to be creative about finding it!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Have a fabulous day!


Henley on the Horn said...

Have a FUN weekend!

Janine said...

Hi there!! Going to Stratford tonight for dinner at Fellini's and then to friends tomorrow night for dinner... YAHOO!! no cooking for me this weekend except Sunday.. My son is bringing his girlfriend for dinner so must plan something special!!

Associate Girl said...

Hi SP - this is your Canadian friend (from Calgary) currently living in the States and oh yes I did see RHWONY last night. And the Countless was in rare form! I am featuring your March giveaway on my blog tomorrow. Blog love, Associate Girl

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Running charity golf tournaments so fun. I'd send my hubs up there to play if I could. Beautiful 10 degrees? You're killing me. We're looking forward to upper 60s.

North of 25A said...

OMG! Did I actually miss the first episode of RHWONY!?!?!?

bevysblog said...

I missed it!!! Blah!

thepreppyprincess said...

You would be outstanding at the Golf Tournament administration, what a good idea!

Sending you a smile for the weekend!

Beth Dunn said...

I saw 1/2 I feel like they are being dramatic cause they are told to. ugh

Jo said...

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Let me know if you figure out the spell check thing ~ I'm still trying.

I missed it but according to friends it wasn't so great.


Miss Janice said...

Hope your weekend was a good one! I'm visiting a sick friend--actually, I'm attempting to but bless her heart, she's so ill, I can't visit. Spending this evening glued to the Oscars.

Gwen said...

I haven't watched the RH shows for a while now. They all seem to be scripted more now. Hope you had a fabulous weekend!! XOXO