Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday Frivolity

I haven't done a catch up post in quite a while - I have just been so busy recovering from the holidays and getting on with January I have barely had time to think about what I have been up to! Last week I went out for lunch a number of times for birthdays and 'mommy needs a cocktail' days.

Our current tenant (the one who broke the lease then made threats when we got our lawyer involved) has managed to find a replacement so we are letting him out of his lease. The new tenant seems really great and his fiance is a sweetiepie! I cant wait to get rid of the old ones and move the new ones in! So that is a big relief for us because I was so tired of dealing with all of the drama. Yes it is just money and money doesn't have feelings but I was ticked off that this all happened during December and the holidays.

Since I got my Sony eReader for Christmas I have been spending lots of time with Jamie and Claire Fraser and the Outlander series. I am currently reading Echo in the Bone and I am dying to know what happens!

I love the scarf Patina has worn a few times in her OOTD posts. I think it came from J Crew and it is a gold knit. I searched all over for something similar with no luck - fortunately I can knit so I ordered some gold yarn (Vanna White Glamour Yarn in Topaz) and got to work! I now have a cute gold scarf to wear with just about everything I own! I have started a brown and copper scarf to go with my leopard print tops! Yes, photos are coming!

I hope you have a great weekend! I am fighting a little bit of something happening in my throat so I have been resting and drinking lots of fluids. I need to be better by tomorrow because we have a busy weekend lined up!

Tomorrow we are going to a beer tasting in a local pub. One of my friends organized it for all of us and a beer rep is coming to teach us a bit about some different types of beer. The chef will be making something yummy to go with each beer so it will be very interesting!

Tomorrow night I think I am going to a bestie's house to watch a movie - I should confirm that!

On Sunday we are going to a Frank Sinatra tribute concert. The Suburban Prince got tickets for Christmas so we have been looking forward to it for a few weeks now!

I will be taking photos of everything so I will have lots to share next week!

This week I have been busy sprucing up the living room. I have purple sheers at the front window and when the Suburban Prince put them up he didn't wait for me to get them shortened and steamed so they have looked awful for a couple of years. Yes, years. When you have a baby these sorts of things are forgotten or pushed aside until you feel like you are doing a bit better than simply surviving. I recently found a seamstress - not an easy feat in this area since people here don't think about things like tailoring so really the delay has been because of the lack of services - so I got the sheers down and got them shortened. They are once again hanging up and are now steamed! The Suburban Prince has been touching up the crown molding so the living room will finally be finished! I can get the furniture all polished and put back in place.

This coming week I will ship out my Soldier's Valentine's Day gifts and start thinking about what Valentine's Day will be like in our house!

Don't forget to enter my Valentine's Day giveaway! I will be picking the winner on Sunday evening so you have until then to enter!

In the meantime please visit Lily the Black Bear - she is in active labour right now and will have cubs soon! I have been watching her webcam for a few days hoping to see a couple of tiny bear faces soon!

Have a fabulous day!


Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

A beer tasting sounds like SO much fun! I hope you have a great, relaxing weekend!!

Gwen said...

OOO!!! Frank Sinatra and Besties!!! What a fabulous weekend. Have a great time.

Sherrie said...

Have a wonderful weekend! Hope your throat feels better.

Beth Dunn said...

You too Love! xoxo


April said...

seems like you have been busy!

Thats awesome about working everyting out with your tenant.

I am jealous of your sony reader! How do you like the outlander books? I am reading the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charllaine Harris (True Blood) but will need somethign new soon...

The imPerfect Housewife said...

You absolutely crack me up every time I'm here!! "Mommy needs a cocktail" days - PRICELESS! Wrinkled curtains for a couple years?? Yep, I knew I loved you - HA HA

New England Girl said...

It sounds like a wonderful, albeit busy, weekend you have ahead of you! I hope your minor throat annoyance clears up - green tea always works for me! :) Enjoy! xox.

Princess Freckles said...

The Sinatra concert sounds like it will be lots of fun! I'm so happy that you've worked out your tenant issues. My aunt has renters in several of her properties, and had a terrible situation once also. They ended up going to court! i hope this one ends up working out for you!

The Rural Socialite said...

So you had a baby... what's my excuse for not having ironed my breakfast room curtains since they were put up 3 years ago? "I'm sorry the drapes need steaming, but I had a... life." I never get around to those types of things!

alanna said...

hahah i need to have kids just so i can have mommy needs a cocktail days!! right now i have no excuse for my exorbitant cocktailing (although i think when we get back from deployment my excuse will be 7+ months of no cocktails hehe).
i can't wait to see pictures of your fully done living room, and i have to say it's hilarious that the shade of your scarf has 'vanna white' in it :D i'm sure it's really pretty and goes well with everything though - i love love love using jewel tones and gold in the winter!!
real question = why eReader and not amazon kindle? is one better than the other?

Life is good! said...

wow i'm exhausted just reading about your weekend! hope you are feeling better and that all works out with new tenant! now go have a cocktail or another beer! get well soon!

preppyplayer said...

Busy and fun weekend. Yes, babies due tend to "help" us prioritize and you eventually got to it. Right?

knitwit said...

My goodness, you've been busy!! I love being able to knit because there is nothing better than finding something so fabulous and then being able to make it yourself for a fraction of the price. Telling people "I made it myself" is a huge bonus too! I can't wait to see your pictures.