Monday, September 7, 2009

My Favourite Summer Side Dish!

This is one of my favourite summer side dishes. I made it so much last summer I actually couldn't stomach the sight of cauliflower for a few months! This is the perfect accompaniment to a BBQ dinner - I like to have it with ribs, yams and a nice white wine. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

1 cauliflower - chopped
2 green peppers - chopped
1 onion - chopped
Olive oil
Salt & pepper
Feta cheese - crumbled (I like sun dried tomato or herb flavour already chopped up from the deli)

Lie a piece of tin foil on your counter (2 feet long should be fine) and put chopped up cauliflower, chopped green pepper and chopped onion on it. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Put another piece of tin foil on top and roll up the edges of both sheets of tin foil to create a sealed package.

Put the package in the oven or on the BBQ with whatever else you are cooking at the time.

Put the feta cheese in a bowl and when the cauliflower package comes out of the oven or off the BBQ put all of the hot veggies in the bowl with the feta cheese. Stir it all together and serve!

I have made this for casual dinners for just the Suburban Prince and myself and also for fancier dinners with friends and family and it is always a hit!


Have a fabulous day!


Gwen said...

This sounds so yummy!!! I'm definitely going to try this out!!! Thank you for sharing. XOXO

P.S. Still hunting for a new handbag. Maybe today will be the day.

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Sounds delicious! Anything with Cauliflower, I am in! And I love your Anne Taintor picture, her stuff is hillarious!

Beth Dunn said...

That really does sound delish! I'll have to keep it in mind. xoxo

Join the Gossip said...

WOW! That sounds delish! I am a recent vegetarian and this recipe sounds perfect for me. Thanks for sharing =)