Monday, February 25, 2013

How the Conversation Went - Little Prince Edition

I've never professed to write a mommy blog.  I write a blog, and happen to be a mommy.  I don't put an awful lot of thought into my mommyness, I simply feel I should go about my life, set a good example while teaching the Little Prince to be polite, give to the community, eat lots of fruits and veggies, and look a person in the eye while shaking hands.

My blog is very narcissistic, it's my space, it's about moi.  I write about what interests me.  Never once have I blogged about Thomas the Tank Engine and his place in my life.  Until today.

The Little Prince has a selection of Thomas movies.  He gets them from Santa, his grandparents, and occasionally we find them online.  The latest favourite is The Great Discovery and I confess, I've never watched it.  I'm the mom who lets the Little Prince watch a DVD so I can  get some stuff done.  The TV has been the best, most reliable babysitter I have ever met, and given that the Little Prince scored in the 96th percentile on his kindergarten readiness test and has been reading since he was 2, I don't see the harm in tv.  

Anyhoo, this particular movie is narrated by Piece Brosnan.  Remington Steele for some, James Bond for others, Whathisname from Mama Mia for the rest.  At one time Ringo Starr narrated, even George Carlin had his turn.  Can you imagine inviting him into your living room to chat with your children?  No?  Me neither, but someone thought it was a good idea and now his voice is heard in my den ever day.

For those who don't have children you wont know how much thought goes into marketing to them.  In this latest DVD case came a book about the video, along with a few pages of toys my child might be interested in.  Now, many of you might think this is blatant and shameful - and it is - but I actually appreciate it.  I am way too busy and live way too far from a mall to spend any time searching for something my loved ones might like.  The Little Prince gets what he talks about the most - I order it online, have it shipped to the house then tuck it away for Christmas, his birthday, the Easter Bunny...

The latest item on the Little Prince's wish list is this.  I can't remember what it's called but I am sure I will be reminded about it until it is taking up space on my basement floor.  Kudos to the reps from the nuclear cleanup company who had to install monitors - they tiptoed around miles of track and trains while a certain 4 year old was having a panic attack over the safety of his railway.  The Little Prince has been carrying the DVD booklet around with him, sleeping with it, studying it.  If I had put this much energy into high school textbooks I would be a Phd in something by now.  But that's another story....

Little Prince:  Mommy!!  Have you seen this?  It's the Tidmouth Sheds Playset!  (I guess I did remember what it's called after all)
Suburban Princess:  Oh?  Yes, very nice. 
Little Prince:  I need to get it!!!
Suburban Princess:  Hm, how do you think you will do that?
Little Prince:  I don't know
Suburban Princess:  Where would you get it?
Little Prince:  The Tidmouth Sheds Playset Store!!
Suburban Princess:  Where is that store? 
Little Prince:  I don't know *starts to look a little bit sad*
Suburban Princess:  Who could you ask?
Little Prince:  *thinks for a few moments*  Maybe Pierce Brosnan knows?
Suburban Princess:  *chokes on a cup of morning coffee then sits down to write a blog post*

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Have a fabulous day!


Laurie Tester said...

I almost spit my coffee all over the laptop. This so reminds me of my sister's house--where she has not one but three boys four and under. Thomas, Percy, and everyone else (George, Ringo, and quite possibly Pierce, too) has a very high rank there, too. So cute!
Happy Sunday,
Lulu and Daisy

Adrienne Shubin said...

That is so funny! "Mommy, get on the horn to Pierce and ask him where to buy that Tidmouth Playset."
So cute!

MCW said...

Hahaha! Pierce Bronson? So random and hysterical!

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Very are amazing these days. So smart!

CanadianPrep said...

So adorable! I can't get over the fact that Pierce Brosnan narrates children's movies! How I wish I had a direct line to the former Bond and Remington Steele to ask retail questions!

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

LOL too funny. Well, just as long as Pierce does not sing (ala the butchering of SOS in Mamma Mia), we're good.

Anonymous said...

Just recently I saw the "Brady Bunch" episode where Bobby tells all his friends he knows Joe Namath, which of course he doesn't. But maybe dad knows him!

Good to hear the lad is still interested in trains. I'm counting on you to keep that fire burning. ;)