Friday, January 11, 2013

Pistols and Pearls

This past summer I took up shooting - and have loved every minute of it!  In Canada one must complete a course, take an exam, get background checks, and jump through hoops of fire in order to apply for a possession and acquisition license before purchasing any sort of firearm or ammunition...and there's more than one license.  My course started this week so it was fun to go to the firing range for a little practice.  Here one can only use a firearm when with someone who is licensed so the Cheeky Reaper took the Danish exchange student and me shooting for the afternoon...

The Cheeky Reaper brought a few handguns with him including A Beretta,  a .45, and an old police revolver.  Each one feels, fires and kicks back in a different way.  We started with a refresher on handgun safety and how each one works before we loaded them, applied ear and eye protection, and got to work.

Here I am with the .45.  I really like this gun and found it the easiest to aim and hit the target with.   Nothing feels better than actually being able to find your intended target!  Nothing sounds worse than running out of bullets and hearing 'click' when pulling the trigger! 

Here I am using the police revolver.  I don't enjoy shooting with it at all.  I find it awkward to hold and load, dirty and even tho it's a 'romantic' gun, I prefer using other ones.  It does inspire memories of Cagney & Lacey, although their revolvers are newer and smaller...

A pretty good representation of an indoor firing range, smoke and all!

I don't remember much about Cagney or Lacey...but I do remember the great hair!

The results - the one on the left is a combination of mine and the Cheeky Reaper's (who happens to be something like #3 in his class in Canada).  I was hitting all around the target so he took the gun from me and showed me there's nothing wrong with it by hitting the bulls eye.  Not to be outdone, my shooting suddenly improved and I hit all around his bulls eye.  The one on the right is all mine, 7 bullets, all on the target but one.

Here's what I wore - red skinny jeans, white shirt, navy toggle sweater, cognac boots, belt and watch.  Pearls, natch.

Have a fabulous day!


John said...

I have to admit, there's something about the juxtaposition of things here that tickles me. And you're definitely in good company with Cagney & Lacey. Chris Cagney religiously popped her collars too. Do your boots have those same heels, or are they flats? Either way, they're great...perfect for the occasion!

I remember seeing you last summer with some longer shotguns or rifles. Which do you prefer?

Farrah said...

Love love love shooting! You did great!

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

Hubs took me to the RCMP range before Christmas where we live, he has a gun licence and goes to the range quite often. We're going to go together this year, I'm looking forward to it.

High Heeled Life said...

There is something wonderful about being at a shooting range. I first held a gun (hunting rifle) when in my teens - my father was all about safety before he let me have a try. Though I did not go on, like my brother - who is licensed, and can use both rifles and hand guns; I was out with friends in 2012 at the gun club in our area ... and am looking forward to some lessons in 2013.
I know you will be fully licensed in no time!! You go girl! ..

Debra said...

I had my first lesson a few weeks ago as well. My husband got his first gun a while back and I figured I needed to learn how to use it if it was in the house. It was a lot harder than it looks - but then most things are.

I did not have on an outfit as cute as yours though! :)

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Darling outfit and everyone knows pearls are always perfect. Good luck with the shooting!