Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday's Random Thoughts

Happy Friday!  It has been such a busy week - I am looking forward to some downtime tomorrow!

- The continuation of the long lost cousin story...his son wrote me an email to say hello and it turns out they knew about us but didn't know how to find us and are all very excited I found them!  How cool is that?!  This story just gets better and better!  So the guy who emailed me...he and I share a set of great-grandparents.

I got a letter yesterday morning from long lost cousin - he told me his father, my gran's brother, left them when long lost cousin was 7 years old and it sounds like he never saw him again.  He knew the city he went to so the death record I found in that city is the correct one.  The letter actually sounded a bit sad, I think he is wondering if we still want to meet him even tho he doesn't know anything about this long lost uncle.  I wrote back right away to assure him - I suspect he has had a hard life.  

- I am on so many committees I am actually starting to get them confused.  I went to ask about chair covers for an event and could not for the life of me remember which event they were for!  Good thing I keep notes and save every email!  Awards season is looming - I need to get some outfits and dresses picked out!  Oh and buy the dreaded pantyhose.  Not that I dread them, it just so hard to find ones that fit properly...the height/weight chart is always so vague!

- Royal Ribbons was nominated for a Business Excellence Award!  It's very exciting!  My business will be judged by a panel and *fingers crossed* win for Micro-Business this year!

- It's feeling very spring-like this week.  It's quite odd for this time of year so I hope this doesn't mean it will be snowing in June.  We have had hardly any snow at all which makes me just want spring to arrive and let's get on with things!  I haven't had my winter coat on once this year!

- I went to NYState last weekend.  I found a border service that will receive items for me then I just drive across the border and pick them up.  It's a lot less expensive for shipping and border fees.  I had a huge box of ribbon sent there and picking it up was a breeze.  I decided to go to Target for some of the Little Prince's favourite snacks and jammies and on the way back up to the border I watched a transport truck get lifted by the wind, almost go over on it's side, go out of control, smash through a fence and land in a field.  I was right behind the transport so I pulled over and called 911.  8 rings.  Yes, 8 rings before 911 picked up.  Y'all might use high taxes as your argument against Obama's government...but let me assure you, 911 taking 8 rings to pick up would not wash in Canada when the service is paid for by taxpayers.  When the operator answered the phone it sounded like I had called someone's house and not a call center.  Is this the norm for the US?  Even our local, small town police station answers on the first ring and sound professional!

- On this trip to NYState I took my little plugs into the car stereo, which I love!  About 30 minutes into the trip it ran out of power and I was stuck with the radio.  I now know south eastern Ontario has at least 5 classical, 5 French and 5 country stations.  I also noted there is not one single jazz station, nor did I find any big bag or swing stations.  There is a radio station opening in town and it's going to be listener driven.  Anyone who wants an hour to program and host is welcome to it.  I have a feeling there will be a big band hour soon enough!  **I was born in the wrong decade and lurve big band music**

- Dont miss my Luxe Box giveaway!  If you are outside of Canada please enter and if you win you can have it sent to a Canadian friend!

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Have a fabulous day!


Beth Dunn said...

So exciting your business was nominated for an award!!!!!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Congratulations on the nomination finger crossed you get the award!
Gosh dialing 911 and having to wait seems ridiculous. I hope that the driver was not seriously injured.

Have a relaxing weekend :)

Debra said...

Congratulations on your award nomination!

Sadly, 911 is probably like that all over the US. People seem to have no pride in what they do anymore. And I think that is such an important job. I won't get on my soapbox though.

Have a great weekend!

Adrienne Shubin said...

Congratulations on the award nomination. And great news about your relatives in Scotland.

Happy weekend!


Carol said...

Congratulations on your award nomination - I hopped over from Kristen's Creations - I'm glad you like my Laundry Room that was featured on Kristen's site - hope you'll come back and visit often!
Hugs -

Wendy said...

Congrats on the nomination! That is wonderful news.
I'm so glad you heard back from your cousin in Scotland too.

LPC said...


Bonnie said...

Congratulations on the award nomination! That is such awesome news.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Teena in Toronto said...