Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Your questions answered!

A few days...err weeks...ago I posted about achieving 500 followers.  It's such an exciting milestone!  I opened the floor to questions from you, my fabulous readers and some of you decided to take me up on that opportunity.

Amy asked: what are your goals for 2012?

I didn't really write down any concrete goals this year.  I feel I'm perhaps not finished with 2010...it was such a good year!  Ultimately to continue with my business, Royal Ribbons, and learn more about the committees I am on.  The usual 15lbs I have wanted to lose since 2007 and perhaps to dust off my eliptical machine.  I also want to redecorate my living room to make it more feminine and light and the basement has to be completed in the next few months.  Seriously.  It shouldn't take more than a year to renovate a basement.  Yes, the Suburban Prince does read my blog.  Mmmmm hmmm.  And just more of the same!  Lots of fun times with the Little Prince, more lunches, teas, events, reasons to dress up...and, I need to find a navy blazer.

Adrienne asked: How far in advance you plan your blog posts? Or do you create them on the fly?

Very occasionally I write a post right off the top of my head and publish it the same day.  99% of the time I took the picture a month ago, edited it last week, wrote the skeleton at the weekend and yesterday was inspired to finish it.  I like things to fester a bit.  Jung had it right when he talked about Synchronicity - all I need to do is think about say.... a RL sweater, and suddenly I see them being blogged, advertised and for sale everywhere.  My posts develop over time as I gather information and ideas.  Sometimes I ask other bloggers to comment on my thoughts and ideas as well but that's just for my serious posts, and it takes them time to form their thoughts.  I had my recent Downton post sitting in my drafts for months as I knew it would make more sense last week.

About Last Weekend asked:   I must try much harder to up my followers. what are your tips?

This is a tough question.  I see so many blogs that attract thousands of followers and hundreds of comments and honestly, I don't get it sometimes.  Then other blogs are well written, easy on the eyes, funny and everything else one would want in a blog and yet they don't have much of a following.

I think the key is interaction.  Comment on lots of blogs and hopefully they will follow and comment back.  If they dont, that's ok, just move on to blogs who will share the relationship.  Also, when doing a giveaway...make one of the stipulations be they have to be a follower in order to win.

I am more concerned about comments than followers.  I would love to have lots of comments on my posts as it's sometimes a bit sad to see a post has been viewed 100 times but there are only 5 comments.  It's nice to see the numbers go up but out of 500 there is a group of maybe 30 who actually comment with any regularity. Perhaps this is a question to turn back to my readers, what would you suggest?

Shelley asked:  what is your first name? Or perhaps I should ask, how do you wish to be addressed...Your Royal Highness? 

In the blogisphere I go by SP but Your Royal Highness works for me too!  I keep identifying details of my life confidential on here so that I can continue to write about the lunatics in my life without anyone knowing for sure who did the writing!  There are a good number of bloggers who know me by my first name as we are Facebook friends but I also know their names, addresses, shoe size etc.  And I know they aren't anyone I know in real life.  It's not that I want to be super anonymous and never tell anyone who I am, but how can I write about Rude Mom and her cheating husband if I think she can connect me to my blog?  My real life people dont know about my blog and if they do they aren't letting on!  Certainly I'm not going to tell my inlaws about it...or my parents!  I would have too start a whole new blog to write about that sort of insanity!

Thank you for your wonderful questions!  I will do it again when I hit my 500th post!

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Have a fabulous day!


Anonymous said...

This was very funny and candid. Only three people in real life know about my blog and already that's three too many! I would feel to self conscious to have it any other way.

Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

I love that you keep your "real" identity on the fly. I couldn't do it having linked it to my former business, but boy the things I could write about. HA!

Just Add Walter said...

That is amazing that you have so many followers. Congratulations.

MCW said...

I agree that getting followers is commenting and interacting with other blogs. But, not a fan when people leave me a comment telling me to go to their blog and follow them! Blogger fail. Happy 500 Followers!

High Heeled Life said...

Loved your answers especially number 1 with reference to basement. Be thankful it's not your whole house...as you know we are not entering year 3..;) Your Fifi print would be great to frame with the new living room look...can't wait to see the transformation... xo HHL

eas said...

I loved your answers and have enjoyed reading your blog. I think it's great you keep your real name to yourself-smart lady!

Vanessa@Luxuria said...

Congratulations SP and LOVE your answers. I'm not sure if any close friends and family know about my blog either; I've never said anything, and none has said anything back to ;-)

fashion and frank said...

Great post - unfortunately i think i should have been a bit more anonymous with those that i actually know - mmm? oh well bit late now ... xx


Amy said...

Thanks for your answer! I look forward to cheering you on as you achieve your goals this year. Thank you for the gentle reminder to keep commenting... I think it's important to keep up a conversation, too!

Bama Girl said...

I love this post! I'm also a little "confused" when I see blogs with great content, and not many followers...then I see a blog with minimal content, short posts, and a huge following. Go figure!
RE: comments...I have 100's of hits/unique visitors every day on my blog, yet I consider myself "lucky" if I have 5 total comments a day. Then I wonder: is it my content? Do the readers think I'm stupid? Do they think I'm ridiculous?
I stopped trying to figure it out, because it was driving me nuts!
Great post, I think your blog is fab and I always love reading your posts! Keep up the great work! :-) XOXO

Beth Dunn said...

I've always wanted to do the ask question blog, but always forget. hehehe

Wendy said...

I think you are right about followers, it helps to comment and comment often. They usually return the favor. I'm still trying to figure out how after 3.5 years I only have 147 followers and very few comments daily. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme to reason.

About Last Weekend said...

How fantastic to see me over here - thank you for answering my question. I agree sometimes whether a blog goes big is a mystery. Thanks always for the tips though - you're absolutely right about interaction - a two-sided conversation is always more interesting...

Shelley said...

SP works for me, I just didn't want to have missed your first name and you to think I was being rude. I write primarily to keep in touch with family & friends in the States, so of course they know who I am. I do, however, want to keep my anonymity on the Internet, as I don't want any creepy people coming over to my house! So I don't give my surname or too many specifics about where I live. I understand about not being done with a previous year - time just moves too fast for me to keep up! Best wishes for 2012 (I can say that, it's still January, right?)