Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A walk around the garden - Part 1

Every year the Suburban Prince works hard to get the gardens looking spectacular.  When we bought this house it was a disaster...we bought it from nasty WT so that should tell the tale.  Over the years we have added more and more plants and flowers and have a great time harvesting all of the berries we grow!

A raspberry busy full of ripe berries!

Blueberries - a favourite!

Grape plants!

I have no idea what this is but it was already starting to turn red!

This is where the little chipmunk lives!  See the little hole?

These flowers are as big as plates!'s hard to get a lot of them in the house as they get eaten while in the pool!

Grow berries and your children will eat them!

Spaghetti squash ripening!
We grow our squash so it hangs down rather than sitting on the ground.

Same with pumpkins!  This gives them nice shape and keeps them from taking over the entire yard. 

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow!

Have a fabulous day!


Associate Girl said...

Oh lucky you! Where I live, blackberries are about $6 for a small container. When I lived in England (which would be more like the climate where you are than where I am now) we had gardens like yours. Thanks for the sweet memories.

Silver Strands said...

Your flowers are gorgeous, but you really got me with those berries! I want a garden SO BADLY, but alas! I live in the desert. .... looking forward to part 2 :)

Lydia Isabelle said...

love the garden!

Princess Freckles said...

Oh those berries look delicious! I love that you also grow squash and pumpkins! You'll have lovely fresh vegetables and fruits almost all year!

Adrienne said...

So lush and tasty! I think that plant is a Japanese Maple variety of some sort.
I have very find memories of picking berries as a is such a fun thing to do.

Nancy's Notes said...

What a treasure of a garden, it's bountiful!

Teena in Toronto said...

Good thing I don't know where you live or I'd be stealing all your berries :)