Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday's Random Thoughts

Happy Friday!  I had a very busy week and will be spending all day today dealing with all the little things I need to take care of to get us back on track!

- I have already bought a Christmas present.  For the same person I bought for in the summer last year!  I have also picked out a few other things I know they would love which puts this person a the top of my 'Easiest To Shop For' list!

- It's amazing where life has taken me...suddenly I am very interested in what the top toys are for Christmas this year and making sure I get them now before I have to fight a pack of wild, last minute moms at the mall.  I used to feel this way about shoes.  Okay, I still do...but who knew a toy would be so important!  I called Tarjay, had them put the toy at customer service and then called my mom, who was in Florida at the time, and told her to go get it for me.  She said she was told Tarjay doesn't normally do that sort of thing so I must be quite persuasive!

- Thanksgiving was a success!  Thank you all for the warm holiday wishes!  I managed to get a few photos so I will post them soon!

-We had a provincial election here - the Liberals won again but this time with a minority government.  They wont 53 seats and the other two parties won 54 seats combined.  This means they can vote together to outnumber the Liberal government.  We had this on a federal level for quite a long time and they Governor General approved the dissolution of the government a couple of times and finally the ruling party won the majority and now things can be accomplished!

- I am planning to attend the Rotary conference in 2 weeks.  I wasn't going to go because I just wanted to go for one day but it's 3 or 4 hours away of our members has a private plane.  Mmm hmm.  I will be flown there and back.  Just the way life is meant to be!  I was born for this!

- The divorcing neighbours are at it again.  The police were there one day this week and MrsDivorce was sitting in her car sobbing.  It was noonish so I went over to see if she wanted me to take her kids and give them one heard or saw me walking up (not that I was trying to be stealthy wearing a hot pink polo shirt) so I heard the police telling her 'It will get easier' which makes me think MrDivorce called the police this time to get her to leave.  I know they let their housekeeper go...and MrDivorce was seen taking photos of his car like he was selling it or something.  The plot thickens. 

- The Little Prince still comes up with wacky sayings...this week he has been prancing about the house like he is riding a horse yelling 'Yippee-ky-yay!'  Errrrrr, ok little one!

- I finally finished reading The Help and loved it!  I thought the end was perfect!

- We are invited to a wedding tomorrow and I have no desire to go.  It's 3 hours away and the bride has had nothing to do with me for the entire relationship she has had with my friend.  She got pregnant 5 minutes into their dating life which happens, but she is a nurse and 40 years old so she has a clue about where babies come from.  Also, what woman in this day and age has $ex with a man without any protection all the while telling him she cant get pregnant???  Oh right, a man trapper.  Anyhoo, I suspect she hasn't wanted him speaking much to me as the only time I ever hear from him is when she is at work or if he is driving somewhere.  I sent them a present when their baby was born and she didn't even say a word to me.  I got a texted thank you from him so I am thinking they will get a texted 'Best Wishes' from me tomorrow.  It's not like we were planning on staying for the dinner (which is 5 hours after the ceremony!!) and 6 hours on the road seems like a lot for a wedding ceremony. 

- Is texted the correct past tense of text?

Have a fabulous day!


Teena in Toronto said...

Happy Friday :)

Princess Freckles said...

A private jet? How glam! Can't wait to hear about that!

I can totally understand why you want to skip that wedding! Out of town weddings are pain in the first place, and with the other circumstances, why bother?

I'm in a wedding next weekend. it's 2 hours away but we'll be there two nights, and I'm in it, so it's fine. I'm excited, but also a bit nervous, as the only wedding I've been in was my own! :)

Have a great weekend! Yippee-kyyy-aaaa!

MCW said...

I say "texted" too. I think it is correct :)

That woman sounds like a man trapper.

Have a great weekend and I will email you when I am home!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Yikes not even a thank you card? A text?
Don't get me started !

I agree the private jet is the way to go...have a great flight.