Thursday, August 4, 2011

Personalized Ribbon Giveaway!

As I am sure you know by now I have been running my business, Royal Ribbons, for a little while now and have been having a great time making wonderful ribbon for your blogs, businesses, parties and presents!

Everyone has been to supportive and given some amazing ideas!

I love seeing my ribbon in your photos and on your blogs!

It's very satisfying to provide the a personal touch to your gifts and branding for your business.

I have loved every minute working with my wonderful customers!

Coming up with a design out of thin air is a challenge but so worth it when I get emails telling me how much my ribbon is loved!

Helping make your holidays and celebrations special gives me such a feeling of satisfaction.

So now it's time to thank YOU with a giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive 10 yards of personalized ribbon (5/8 inches wide) made just for them!

You may choose your ribbon and print colours, font, wording and logo!

To enter you may....

- Leave a comment for 1 entry
- Follow this blog for 1 entry
- Follow Royal Ribbons for 1 entry
- Follow Suburban Princess on Facebook for 1 entry
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- Follow @SubrbnPrincess on Twitter for 1 entry
- Tweet this giveaway for 1 entry - be sure to @SubrbnPrincess
- Blog about this giveaway for 5 entries

***Please put your entries in just one or two comments***

 I do notice if you only comment on my giveaways so please feel free to comment on other posts too!

The winner will be chosen on Friday, August 12, 2011 and the name posted here.  If I dont hear from the winner within 72 hours another winner will be chosen.

Good luck!!

Have a fabulous day!


KatiePerk said...

What a cool company! I need a price list, to give my boss!!

Teena in Toronto said...

Very cool ribbons! Lucky you for having such a fun company :)

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

How fun! Such a great giveaway idea!!

I am a long time blog reader and follower.

I am a new Twitter follower.

Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Well golly gosh and gumdrops...I am planning on ordering ribbon once I get the colour scheme of my apartment figured out, but I have no problems spreading the word about Royal Ribbons and a fabulous giveaway!

...comment, tweeted, Facebook shared...

Have a great day A! (I'm jealous about the swing music)

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Please enter me in the draw Princess!
I follow your blog...

The ribbons are such a great idea, I saw Adrienne's post when she had some designed for Rich Life on a Budget.

Hope that business is booming.

Just Add Walter said...

wow these are amazing! Please enter me!

I am a follower
I follow on twitter

Anonymous said...

They are so fun!
I Follow Suburban Princess on FB.
I also Follow Royal Ribbons on FB.

Adrienne said...

I think I have met every requirement...I am not entering to win for me because I already have such pretty ribbons from you. But for a friend. I think they make a great gift prettier and the ribbon alone makes a great gift.

I will retweet now too...xo

Bella Michelle said...

I am so glad RRs is going so well!!! I am long time follower in blogland and on FB (also on The Twitter!)

RuthAnn said...

Found you on Twitter...and sooo glad I did, LOVE the ribbons!

Hillcrest Acres said...

Fabulous giveaway!!! I would love some personalized ribbon for Christmas.

I'm a follower of your blog.

Hines-Sight said...

Your examples are great. Someone said, "Christmas". What a jolly, good idea.

I follow you in several places.

FB, Twitter, and Google.


little miss southern love. said...

1. I am so excited about this! Ever since you tweeted me about making these ribbons I have been dying for some for my bridal shower/bouquet/favors! I love!

2. I follow your blog
3. I follow Royal Ribbons
4. I follow Suburban Princess on Facebook
5. I follow Royal Ribbons on Facebook
6. I Follow @SubrbnPrincess on Twitter
7. I tweeted about this giveaway: @KLRsouthernlove
8-12. I blogged about this giveaway

So excited!


Carole said...

1. What a fabulous giveaway. So happy for your ribbon success.
2. I follow your blog via GFC.
3. I also follow Royal Ribbons blog.
4. I've followed you on FB for quite a while.
5. I also follow Royal Ribbons on FB--started following when you first mentioned the page.
6. Of course I follow you on Twitter! @cspod
7. Tweeted:

TheSocialKnight said...

Hmmm...lets see....

I follow your twitter.
I follow SP on Facebook.
I tweet SP all the time :)))
I follow this blog.
And I follow RR blog on Facebook!

Cool giveaway

Ashley Brooke said...

Following you on GFC as Ashley Brooke!

ashleybrookeblog at gmail dot com

Katrina said...

amazing giveaway!
ykatrina at hotmail dot com

The Mrs. said...

Woot! Throw my hat in the ring! I am following on twitter, blog, facebook etc!!

Mandi @ Southern Gnome said...

Love you ribbon pics and can't wait to see the one I ordered in person. I know it's going to be perfect!

I follow:
Royal Ribbons Blog
This blog
Suburban Princess on FB
Royal Ribbons on FB
@SubrbnPrincess on Twitter

I also Tweeted.

Anonymous said...

Oh they are fab, off to have a look at your other options.

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* said...

Hmmm. This would be a cute idea for wedding favor cookies I'm making for Oct. I'll have to hop over to your official ribbon site. Good luck with your business! :)

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

Thank you for hosting such an amazing giveaway! (+1)
I’m a follower of your blog! (+1)
I follow the Royal Ribbons blog (+1)
I like the Suburban Princess blog on Facbeook (+1)
I was your 93rd “liker” on the Royal Ribbons Facebook (+1)
I RT’ed your Giveaway! (+1)

Savvy Gal said...

raspberry and chocolate sound divine.

pretty pink tulips said...

You know I love your ribbon...just need to decide if I want it for the blog or me personally! :)

Of course, I follow!
And, I'm off to make sure I follow on facebook!!

xoxo E

Anonymous said...

I'm loving those ribbons. Tres cute.

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

I'm so glad business is booming for you. You deserve it! xo xo