Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday's Random Thoughts

I havnt done a random thoughts post in a looooong time!  I am well overdue! I hope you had a great week and have something wonderful planned for the weekend!

-Please pop over to Royal Ribbons to see all the new designs!  I am posting new ideas every day!

- I have noticed a number of very quiet people in my life seem to expect people to remember them.  And put them on the spot!  If you want to be remembered 10 years later, do or say something memorable!

- I see people parked in handicapped or mommy spots just hanging out all the time when I go shopping.  I suspect they are hanging out with the child or smoking while the passenger has gone shopping.  Does this happen everywhere or is it just in my town?  I find it really annoying when I have lugged my 3 year old half a kilometer through a busy parking lot to see the mommy spot is being held by someone who is babysitting as opposed to using the spot to make being a mommy easier.  If you dont need to actually get children from the car to the store you can park anywhere!

- At dinner the other night with another couple I asked if anyone remembers the Peter Cottontail special from the 70s with the evil bunny Irontail.  Anyone?  Everyone just stared at me like they didnt understand the words coming out of my mouth.  Well, I googled it and I didnt just imagine it!  Here Comes Peter Cottontail is a lesser known Rankin-Bass production.  Hmpfh!

- I got my hair cut in another town closer to the city the other night.  I had forgotten what it's like in these big, busy, professional salons!  Being out here in this small town for 5 years has taken it's toll on my hair and it was so nice to go to a real salon!  While I was waiting for my stylist I was offered water and tea and coffee and asked by everyone who passed by if I needed anything.  Then the stylist actually listened to what I wanted and gave me a dry cut.  I havnt had my hair blown dry by a stylist in years because I just get so frustrated with it.  This new stylist did the whole thing, and then I started crying.  I was so happy with it and I had forgotten what it was like to leave a salon feeling good...the tears just started and took a moment to stop.

- Have we been watching RHNJ?  Is Teresa's brother in a constant state of drunkenness?  He is such a whiny crybaby!  Maybe someday he will have the scotch glass surgically removed from his hand - I havnt seen him once without a drink!

- This week I had a town council committee meeting and couldnt find a babysitter with such short notice, sooooo the Little Prince came with me and had his first experience with municipal politics!  Thank goodness for those little containers of Pringles, they make a great bribe for good, quiet behaviour!  I am happy to report he sat in my lap most of the time, ate his snacks, whispered his demands to me and then hung out at the window watching the overhead train going by.  Success!

Have a fabulous day!


MCW said...

I think I would have honked and made that person move out of the parking spot. I think I have become slightly obnoxious when driving all over NY!

Adrienne said...

I have never heard of mommy spots. We don't have such a thing here - that's a great idea.

I love that you were so happy with your hair that you cried. I guess that salon is worth the drive!

Happy Friday to you, my friend!
xo, A

Ms. Bake-it said...

I get very annoyed when I see someone illegally parked in a handicap only spot!

Glad you enjoyed your salon experience! That is on my list of things to do soon. Can you believe I have gone without a trim since I made my hair donation last October!

Have a fantastic weekend!

~ Tracy

Wendy said...

There is nothing better than a great salon and a good stylist! Glad you
were able to find one you liked so much!

Hines-Sight said...

Happy Friday! And have a great weekend. We only have mommy spots at Harris Teeter, but they are nice.

Would love to see your hair.

Cool Gal said...

So happy to hear you like the way your hair turned out. Isn't it nice to be pampered once in a while?

The Mrs. said...

We have Mommy spots and people are pretty good about using them correctly. Overall though no one in LA will let someone back out of a spot so someone else can pull in. They will not wait behind you. They always go through! RUDE.

So glad you went to a real salon, that is important!!!

What is with Teresa's brother, the crying, the language. CRAZY!

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

we love irontail in our house! we watch it every easter - even though no one is an easter bunny believer anymore and we all groan through it. great movie!

i am always irritable at those parking in the mommy spots when they don't have their kids with them or if they're leaving the kiddos in the car.

i used to be super irritable at those who used the handicap spots who didn't appear visibly handicapped. however, recently my mother was diagnosed with dystonia... 80% of the time she walks fine, but on some days her legs give our on her and she limps around. she refuses to use the handicap spots, still (she always says there is someone who needs them more than she does). since her diagnosis, though, knowing that she appears fine most of hte time my disdain in that realm has lessened significantly!