Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

The least pretty ones of the two batches I made.

Quite often I bake for the Suburban Prince's work crew when they have to work night shifts.  I keep trying to come up with some different each time rather than the standard rice crispy squares and chocolate chip cookies so inspired by The Entertaining Mom's suggestion of putting mint chocolates on brownies I knew I had found a use for the bag of mini peanut butter cups in my pantry.

You can see where I had taken a bite (just for quality assurance purposes) and I can tell you they were very, very yummy!  The guys on the night shift loved them! 

The recipe is simple...use your favourite brownie recipe or box mix and when they are finished baking top the brownies (while in the pan) with mini peanut butter cups and wait for them to melt, then with a spatula spread them around until they are smooth and even on top.  Voila!

Let them cool and cut them.

Have a fabulous day!


Lily Lemontree said...

Oh, these look delicious!! Simple as the recipe sounds, I am not much of a baker so maybe I should arrange for a drive over to your neck of the woods to 'sample' these treats!!

Suburban Princess said...

Lily, I'm not either...I just used a mix lol but cmon by! We'd love to meet you!

The enchanted home said...

I knew I shouldnt' come here...I am on a "d word" (diet) but I LOVE chocolate and peanut butter more than anything else (after my kids and husband that is) and I will come back to this page after I lose my 10 pounds to reward myself...the problem with this recipe is I could not stop at one, I would need to inhale the entire batch, could be dangerous! YUM YUM YUM!

Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

looks delish! I'm sure they disappeared fast!

I'maNolaGirl said...

A friend of mine taught me a similar trick, but she melts Reeses with a stick of butter and pours it over teh brownies like it was a frosting. Mmmm.... I love pb and chocolate!

The Southern Lady said...

Good morning from Tokyo!

Oh my word...this is when the word "sin" becomes "sin"sational. Those brownies look delicious~and with the penut butter cup topping, you cannot get much better than that! Thank you for a great alternative to the normal brownie.



Brittany said...

These look amazing!!

I just found your blog today and I would love for you to check out mine and follow back! :)


Hines-Sight said...

Okay, SP. I'm going to have to make this. You've just captured my heart with peanut butter and chocolate.

Fash Boulevard said...

yum. looks so good. Super happy I found your blog. I'm a new follower, I hope you will as well. I started my blog a little over a month ago. It's all about celebrity fashion from the point of view of an LA stylist. Stop by to see multiple post a day on all the latest celebrity fashion news and check out pictures from the fall/winter preview I attended yesterday in Beverly Hills. Would love your support. xoxo


Associate Girl said...

I consume copious amounts of peanut butter when my husband is out of town because he is allergic. Tonight I am so trying this idea! Thanks!

Beth Dunn said...

1st off you are so sweet for baking for husband/co workers. How you stop at 1 bite is a whole other blog

Teena in Toronto said...

They look amazing! If I made 'em, I'd eat 'em.

Galaxy Girl said...

oh yum! I'd maybe even sneak a mini peanut butter cup inside the brownie for a peanut buttery surprise! delish!