Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birthday Recap - The Lunch! Or, I can see America from my lunch!

For my birthday lunch I decided I wanted to go to Canoe after reading about Teena in Toronto going there for cocktails.  I had been there many, many moons ago and had forgotten all about it!

It was a beautiful sunny day!

The view from the bar.
I was quietly trying to keep my vertigo in check!

The Toronto Island airport.

I couldnt get a good picture of them but I could see buildings in Rochester across the lake.  So, just like Sarah Palin...I could see America from my lunch!

This military plane going past a couple of times did nothing to encourage a sense of well being.  If I had seen it a third time I was getting the heck out of there!

Bread was served with miso and they kindly brought me wheat free crackers.

Goat cheese on braised fennell - the richest goat cheese I have ever had!

An egg poached in pork stock served on carrot slaw of some sort with panchetta and ceasar salad.  I found the dishes to be a bit too sweet when they just needed to be savoury.  There wasnt a salt shaker in sight and I had a feeling Michael Bonacini would've refused to bring me salt if I had asked for it.  I appreciate the purity of great ingredients but c'mon....eggs need salt!

The Suburban Prince's lobster club.

And his mushroom soup.

My birthday dessert.

It was a flourless cake with caramelized bananas, coconut sortbet and a toffee thingy.  The sorbet was a refreshing treat on a wintery day but I dont really like bananas and the cake was so-so.  But super cute presentation!

The kitchen after the lunch rush.

All in all I dont think I would go to Canoe again for anything other than drinks - the food didnt blow me away like I thought it would even though the service was pretty great.  I did notice they kept taking my napkin off my chair, folding it up and putting it on the table, at the left side of my plate, any time I got up from my seat.  I think at those prices servers should be taught napkin etiquette.

Hav a fabulous day!


High Heeled Life said...

Catching up on blog reading... Love your new bag and scarf!!

The view is fabulous from up there ... so glad the weather coperated and you and the Prince were able to spend the day in the city... wishing you a fabulous day!! xo HHL

P.S. remember to send me some date option for you coming out to the country...

The enchanted home said...

Doesnt help that I am starving right now and seeing that Lobster club and mushroom soup has ranked up my hunger meter big time! Happy birthday...looks like you were treated well, and what views!

Mommy Lisa said...

The egg thing SOUNDS marvelous, but it was sweet? Even with pancetta? Ew.

Janice said...

The desert looks too cute, but I am with you. I am not a banana person. I hope you enjoyed your day. Love the views! Wish I could send the south to you...so I am sending you warm thoughts!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Delcious looking lunch and what a view!

Adrienne said...

It looks like it was a sunny and clear day for your birthday! What fantastic views from way up there.

Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

What a great lunch! You had quite a fabulous birthday!

Kori said...

Great post. It sounds like you had a blast. I hope you're having a fabulous Tuesday honey! I posted twice today, so hopefully you can stop by! Kori xoxo


Travelbugmom said...

A++ on PRESENTATION and AMBIANCE for sure....but I like GREAT TASTING food too, not just good looking!

I'm sure it was still a nice celebration.

North of 25A said...

Happy belated birthday! I am catching up on my reading so now I need to see your new bag. So glad you had a nice day - even if you would only go back for drinks...

TheSocialKnight said...

Hey lady! Glad you had a lovely birthday. What a very sweet hubby to take you in town for a nice lunch. And that mushroom soup looks yum!

The Mrs. said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous!! That restaurant is amazing! The food looks so good! Fancy girl! My birthday is coming up and I am planning another trip to Villa Blanca! Love that place and get to see Lisa and Jiggy from RHO Beverly Hills!!! xoxo

Nezzy said...

So sorry your birthday lunch didn't live up to your expectations but the pictures made it look amazin'!!! That view was just breathtakin'!!!

Hope ya had a very happy birthday anyway!

I just want to apologize. The pix in my last post didn't show to anyone but me. I've reposted with Photobucket so hop on over if ya get a chance.

God bless and have a wonderful day sweetie!!!

Anonymous said...

What a snazzy place! It looks really fabulous, too bad the food didn't match the atmosphere. At least it was sunny :)

Ms. Bake-it said...

Trying to catch up... The Goat cheese on braised fennel sounds great as does your dessert. I am so loving your new scarf and tote! I need neighbors like yours! I would love to find Godiva and Prosecco on my doorstep! Sounds and looks like you had a fabulous birthday!


Amanda said...

wow this looks like a great time!!