Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday's Random Thoughts

Happy Friday!  I hope you had a great week and have a wonderful weekend planned!  I havn't had much time for thinking so I havn't done a random thoughts post for a while so I am excited to have the chance to do it again today!

- Congratulations to Adrienne of Rich Life (On a Budget) who is the winner of my personalized statonery giveaway!  Please email me so I can put you in touch with MCC Designs!

- We have been looking for kitchen inspiration as we are in the throws of renovating the house right now.  There is nothing harder than trying to come up with a layout that will work for all of our needs - cooking, socializing, blogging, eating and so much more all while being a beautiful space.  Last night the Suburban Prince suggested this might finally make me happy....

- The Little Prince has been chatting up a storm and every night when I put him to bed he says 'Goodnight sweetheart' which cracks me up every single time.  But then this is the same child who eats tandoori chicken, brussell sprouts, watches the news and Jeopardy and yells 'Excuse me!!!' when we need to get around someone in the mall so he has always been ahead of his time. And a perfect little gentleman.  I keep waiting for him to ask me for a seersucker suit!

- There are a lot of people on the blogs, twitter and the rest of cybertown always whinging about parties they have to go to and trying to figure out how to get out of them.  Please take a moment to be grateful for every single invitation.  Each one tells you someone actually thought about you, you crossed someone's mind.  Someone thinks enough of you to have you in their home.  You are loved.  There are many people out there who go years without a single invitation for even just coffee.  Some people never get invited to any parties, evening drinks, bbqs, games nights or any other events.  Some people never cross anyone's mind.  Some people spend every weekend and holiday sitting home alone, lonely, feeling forgotten and would give anything to just be remembered and wanted.  So please, think about the the next time you are wishing you could stay home.

- I am convinced Costco is where people meet their affairs at lunchtime.  A few weeks ago I happened to be there around noon and I noticed something I have never seen there before...a lot of romance.  I tend to go to Costco in the evenings so I dont see the daytime crowd as a rule.  I did notice during this lunchtime visit that there are a lot of couples shopping together and they all seem very passionate.  Now, I'm not talking about teenagers, I'm talking about middle aged couples hanging off each other, making out in the produce section, passionate embraces in the cereal aisle and then some.  I love my husband but I can assure you, I have never felt the need to get some smooching on while picking out laundry detergent!  I dont feel the need to walk arm and arm in while gazing into each other's eyes in front of the cheese bin.  I have never been overcome with lust in the bakery aisle.  I am sure most couples would agree with me, we have our urges under control in public.  The only conclusion I can draw is there are a lot of affairs going on and they are happening in Costco during lunch breaks!

Have a fabulous day!


Adrienne said...

I can't believe I actually won something! Thank you, SP and MCC Designs!
My email is sonomaadrienne(at) yahoo (dot) com...

Funny theory about Costco, by the way.

I'm off to tell the husband the good news!



Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

Your Costco observation has me cracking up at my desk. Thank you for the laugh! I hope you and the Princes have a lovely weekend. xo xo

Calmly Chaotic said...

That is hilarious about Costco! Could you imagine! Also, love the jetson's solution for a kitchen!

CanadianPrep said...

GREAT post! Caused many suppressed chuckles in the coffee shop. Your son sounds absolutely adorable! And I think a seersucker suit would be so adorably appropriate for a little gentleman!

And wow, who knew Costco was such a romantic hotspot?! Such a strange thing. Maybe the smell of sample foods and the sight of giant products acts as an aphrodisiac for some people? To each his own I suppose.

Have a great weekend, hopefully on a patio or porch somewhere enjoying the lovely weather!

Hines-Sight said...

I loved your post today. It's my all-time favorite. Yea!! That's my slang for clapping. :)

So funny! I'm jealous of Adrienne. :)

knitwit said...

I'm a total homebody, but I find at this time of year especially, an invitation to a party is nothing to complain about!
And I love that people are having affairs at Costco--hilarious!

The enchanted home said...

So funny about the Coscto observation...I must go one evening and play sleuth to see if its the same here..too funny! How ironic would that be if it were
Sad but true what you said about some people never having a place to compain about going...we tend to go out a lot and in my old age (45) I do wince at some invitations especially those who when they say come at 8, the translation is we will be eating dinner at 11....ugh! Just dont' the same stamina and you are right, the silver lining is someone wants us and that right there is worth celebrating!
Nice post!

Town and Country Mom said...

So funny about Costco--I have to say that ours is no romantic hot spot; however, on several occasions I have noticed some passionate necking by older couples in the parking lot of Barnes and Noble at lunchtime. Verrrry mysterious, I think.

Nezzy said...

Costco??? For real...I'm so naive!!! totally crack me up girl.

Angel is in my Sunday School class and Kid's Church and she lives probably two miles from me as the crow flies. 'Round here we call 'em neighbors. :o)

God bless ya and have a beautiful weekend!!!

EL said...

ha ha ha that is so funny about Costo!! I hope you have a great weekend! xoel

Hillcrest Acres said...

You have my curiosity peaked. I'm going to have to make a run to Costco at lunchtime.

Carole said...

LOL--"lust in the bakery aisle"

I need to pay more attention!

A Preppy Princess said...

Your Costco analysis has me cracking up! That is too funny!

And I could not agree more about the invite thing. So often we complain about being so busy when there are those out there who would love to be invited somewhere or have just one busy weekend or week.