Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Twelfth Night

If music be the food of love, play on;
Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken, and so die
That strain again! it had a dying fall:
O, it came o'er my ear like the sweet sound,
That breathes upon a bank of violets,
Stealing and giving odour! Enough; no more:
'Tis not so sweet now as it was before.
O spirit of love! how quick and fresh art thou,
That, notwithstanding thy capacity
Receiveth as the sea, nought enters there,
Of what validity and pitch soe'er,
But falls into abatement and low price,
Even in a minute: so full of shapes is fancy
That it alone is high fantastical.

"Twelfth Night is a festival in some branches of Christianity marking the coming of the Epiphany and concluding the Twelve Days of Christmas.  It is defined by the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary as "the evening of the fifth of January, preceding Twelfth Day, the eve of the Epiphany, formerly the last day of the Christmas festivities and observed as a time of merrymaking".

A recent tradition in some English-speaking countries holds that it is unlucky to leave Christmas decorations hanging after Twelfth Night, a belief originally attached to the festival of Candlemas (February 2nd).

The Lord of Misrule symbolizes the world turning upside down. On this day the King and all those who were high would become the peasants and vice versa. At the beginning of the Twelfth Night festival, a cake that contained a bean was eaten. The person who found the bean would rule the feast. Midnight signaled the end of his rule and the world would return to normal. The common theme was that the normal order of things was reversed. This Lord of Misrule tradition date back to pre-Christian European festivals such as the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia."

So eat, drink, make merry and forgo the diet until January 7th!

Have a fabulous day!

**As always, many thanks to Wikipedia for always making me look smarter than I am**


Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Eat, drink and be merry?? What fabulous advice! Don't mind if I do!!

Cheers to you, A!


Travelbugmom said...

I sorta knew some of this, but loved to learn it again. Only problem is, I have my work cut out for me to dismantle ALL these decorations TODAY!! Thanks.

Ms. Bake-it said...

Eat, drink and make merry sounds great to me! I do believe I shall take that excellent advice!


~ Tracy

Henley on the Horn said...

Our decorations are down but not put away, so thank you for a few extra days without pressure!

Ruth said...

I can handle the eat, drink and be merry

Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

Eat drink and be merry! Happy 2011 - hope it has been treating you well! Cheers, J