Thursday, December 2, 2010

Victorian Tea Party

A few weeks ago I won tickets to the 'high tea' at the Victorianna Weekend in the next town.  I invited Hermes Scarf Friend to join me and we were looking forward to it all week!

As we were walking up the street we saw horse drawn carriages - a nice Victorian experience!

Glasses of water were served with flower petals in them. 
I was more than slightly horrified at the tea service. 
A pot of hot water and a teabag is what we got!

Our sandwiches and tarts. 
I wonder if less care could've gone into them?

I shouldn't complain as I didn't have to pay for the tickets but would you believe this afternoon repast was 25.00 a seat?  Let's compare that to the Windsor Arms high tea in Toronto where for 35.00 a person you get as much tea as you can consume, lots of beautiful scones and sandwiches, clotted cream, jam, cakes, cookies, tarts, strawberries with cream AND a glass of bubbly.  Oh and the service is spectacular unlike the service we got at this 'freebie' tea which fell somewhere between surly and disgruntled.  We were told they ran out of jam and they ran out of clotted cream (which was served in the jar on the table thanks very much) and the shocker is there was another service after ours meaning they wouldn't have half of the items listed on the menu!  Hmpfh!

Moving on, we visited the Victorian Thanksgiving table
which asks us to suspend belief as there was no such
thing as Thanksgiving in Victorian England.
(Or modern England for that matter)

Anyhoo, the table was beautiful and very glam!

This may be the most artistic photo I have ever taken!

I dont know how I would feel about my dinner watching me!

Like so many events in this area it was just....ok.  A bit flat, a bit too spread out and a bit underplanned.  I will try again next year when hopefully they will have a better grasp on how to do this and improve on the basic concept.

Have a fabulous day!


KatiePerk said...

That is disappointing. But hopefully it will improve!

Tariro said...

Awww its always sad when its less than what you expected.
But the setup is gorgeous :)

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

How unfortunate...I hope that you will send them a note with your observations...the management may be completely unaware.
I love a full tea with a great friend...and often will host my own!

Ruth said...

That is so disappointing about the tea.

James said...

Sounds almost as though they didn't know what a high was. Still time spent with a good friend can't be all bad.

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

That is disappointing. I have to admit, I really know nothing about high tea and how the tradition is served however, I would agree that a simple pot and tea bag wouldn't cut it. And tis true....Thanksgiving is an American thing, so that is strange. Was this their first year?

High Heeled Life said...

The concept sounds wonderful.. and the Thankgsgiving table looks great. But yes Windsor Arms it does not sound like. Here 's to next year!!! xo HHL

P.S. great picture taking..

Snooty Primadona said...

The tea bags cracked me up. What were they thinking? Hell, we know better than that down here in the Lone Star State, far removed from places where one might think *High Tea* takes place. I often wonder why people don't at least consult Emily Post... or is it Elizabeth now?

Trish said...

It still looks like fun and that table setting is just amazing!


I love high tea--so much fun and soo delicious!--such a great tradition

the pink prep said...

i grew up going to tea houses with my mother and grandmother -- i love the tradition and old-fashion-ness of it all!
i actually took muffy to one in MA two years ao at a victorian-era mansion, but it was a Santa tea with crafts, stories and songs by the jolly old elf himself.

Ms. Bake-it said...

I know I should not have done so but I had to chuckle at your description of the high tea you attended. I know it was a disappointment but I like that you are willing to give them a second chance next year. Great pictures!

~ Tracy

Cool Gal said...

That is a beautiful table, but I'm not a fan of the birds, either.

Sorry to hear your experience wasn't the best. Perhaps it will be better next year. :)

Have a great weekend.

Miss Southern Prep said...

That table looks gorgeous! Sorry your experience wasn't the best, though!

knitwit said...

It's too bad when things like this are a bit of a bust. I hope it's better next year!

Karena said...

High Tea can be such a very special event!!

It is sad to be dissapointed and the management probably would like to know.

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Art by Karena

The Southern Lady said...

Good morning from Tokyo!

As a gal who has been taking High Tea with my mother since I was a wee petite, I am so sorry for your experience. Taking tea is a special time to enjoy and regale in; such a pity both yours and the group following yours was not what it should have been. That said, at least you were able to enjoy some festive eye candy afterwards (even if it isn't historically correct). Treat yourself to a better tea experience, and leave this one behind.

A lovley day to you and yours...