Friday, July 23, 2010

My Day in The City - Recap!

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I had an amazing day in the city yesterday with High Heeled Life!  The drive there was uneventful until I realised the route I took did not have a highway exit for the road I wanted!  I ended up seeing half of the city by the time I got there!  I wasn't lost per se....I just wasn't where I needed to be!

We met at Starbucks for a cold drink and a surprise gift exchange - is there anything better than presents?!  I gave HHL a set of stationary in a Paris box and she gave me....

How cute is that!  HHL has her own mugs!  Now I have to admit I am very slightly competitive so now I am wondering why I don't have MY own mugs!  This side of HHL's mug is her blog logo and the other side is her motivational speaking logo! 

We ate lunch at a Middle Eastern restaurant called Tabule - the decor and atmosphere was ok, not the most spectacular but since I don't know that area of the city very well and it was recommended by a friend....we survived!  First up...bevvies!

On the left is HHL's raspberry pomegranate juice and on the right is my mint limeade which tastes like a low octane mojito.  YUM!  We asked for 2 straws each so we could try each other's drinks!

The view from above - I love the red currants!  Yes I am a bit of a currant connoisseur - did you know there are white currants too?

We forgot to take photos of our lunches - this is what happens when two similar people are together - nothing else exists!  I had an arugula salad with pan seared cheese (don't you feel good just thinking about that?) and falafel...HHL had a kebab with rice and salad and it was all very yummy! 

After lunch we went to a cosmetics store that is the only place in Toronto that sells Mario Badescu products.  I love them so I knew all along we would be going there....nothing too exciting happened there except when I paid for my products I gave the cashier my little shopping bag and he completely ignored me.  I asked him if I had bought one of their bags would he bag my purchases for me - he said yes.  I asked him why he wouldn't bag my purchases if I am using my own bag!  I find this happens in a lot of stores with this 'bring your own bag' business.  I'm all for saving the planet but not at the expense of customer service!

We also popped into a French linen store - there were so many beautiful pieces, I didn't know where I would begin!  I should've taken a photo of the store but I forgot.  Next time!

We spent most of the day talking about ourselves (our favourite topic), our books (our second favourite topic) and our snooty pursuits.  I am slightly tinged with green when I hear about all of the activities going on where HHL lives!

We went to Chapters to roam around - they always have so many fun gift items!  I even saw the Vapur bottles in there!  I picked up Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster.  I started reading it last night in bed and woke up the Suburban Prince every time I burst out laughing!  This book is very very funny.  If you are a perfectionist, A-type, control freak like me - you will think it is hilarious!  I love books that are a series so I am happy I found this one - she has 4 more books so they will keep me busy and out of mischief for a while.

We were in dire need of more Starbucks (well, I was) so we made another stop....

On the right is my 'grande non-fat extra coffee caramel frappuccino no whip' and on the right is HHL's 'strawberry and cream frappuccino'.  Could I be a little more complicated?  I suddenly feel like Sally Albright!

By 5:30 we were both getting tired and with a 90 minute (at least) drive ahead of both of us we hugged, air kissed and got on the road. 

It was such a fun day - HHL is my soul mate!  She speaks my language, loves the same things I love, talks about much as I do, she has dreams, goals and ambitions and is very interested in her friends' dreams, goals and ambitions.  It is so much fun hanging out with her!  I can't wait to do it again!

Have a fabulous day!


Beth Dunn said...

All of them look delish!

Lily Lemontree said...

So glad you two had such a good time, I am a little envious! I will have to wait for my outing with you two once school starts (can't wait to hear that school bell ring once again!!!)
I am posting about your giveaway today!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I think it's so great that you got together with another blogger! The drinks look delicious.
Sounds like you had fun..and yes personalized mugs...why haven't I thought of that?
Bitter is the New Black is on my summer read list, glad to hear that you are enjoying it.

flip flops and pearls said...

Those look delish and it sounds like a great day!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

That sounds like so much fun! Glad you guys got to meet.

An Inquiring Mind said...

What a fun day! Glad you both had a great time, and YAY for being a Jen Lancaster fan like me!

Tatiana said...

What a fun day! And I absolutely love arabic food!
So, now are you planing on getting your own mugs too?

Ms. Bake-it said...

It is obvious you had a wonderful day together. I did not expect anything less as you are both amazing women. Your lunches and drinks sound delicious.

Ummm. "Slightly" competitive? Suuure.

How much would it upset you if I told you I have my own mugs? ;)

~ Tracy

the pink prep said...

what a fun day!!! and those drinkies look dee-vine! and what a sweet little gifite! can never have enough cute coffee mugs!

High Heeled Life said...

Oh my dear... I could not have said it any better! I soooo enjoyed our time together and look forward to our next outing!!! You are an amazing person (a little hard on yourself)- and I am very privileged and honoured that the universe made it possible for our paths to cross.

The new blog look is great!!! XO HHL

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

The drinks look delicious - and pan seared cheese? I have no idea what that may be like, but I know I want some!

I'm definitely going to pick up the Jen Lancaster book - and I loved the part in your blog about "snooty pursuits" (I have a few of my own).

Sounds like it was a lovely day!

Jo said...

Sounds like a perfect ladies day. Your lunch and drinks sound delish!

Isn't it fun to actually meet a bloggy friend in person!?


mFw said...

Sounds like a fabulous day!!!!

Associate Girl said...

I want my own mugs (Or margariata glasses). Oh, and I love Jen Lancaster. Have a great day - AG

Jules said...

I love that she has her own mugs! Such a cute idea. It is always fun meeting up with other bloggers. Going to Starbucks is also a great way to start the day off right.

I’ve never been to a Middle Eastern restaurant before, but that mint limeade sounds and looks absolutely delicious. Your salad also sounds tasty. You had me at pan seared cheese.

It sounds like you had a great afternoon and I never knew that about bagging your own stuff. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Jen Lancaster books. I have Pretty in Plaid, but I want to get Bitter is the New Black before I jump ahead.

Glad you ladies had a nice day!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a wonderful day, good for you. And yes-yes-yes on the mugs, you should try Cafe Press or Zazzle, they would be darling!

Big smiles at you,

Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

Love that you had such a lovely day! Cheers to you both, J

knitwit said...

Aw--what a great day. Glad you had fun!!!

Henley on the Horn said...

I love that y'all met! Mama Henlely needs some mugs too!

Miss Janice said...

Sounds like a fab meetup! I'm a bit jealous that I don't have my own mug as well:) How cute is that?! I have also encountered the sales clerk pretty much expecting me to bag my own that what going green is gonna be about???

April said...

gah. That whole post just made me even more hungry than I already am! Yumm. lol