Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tom Cruise was berry picking?

This article was in the Toronto Star this week.  I lived in Markham (on the north border of the east end of Toronto) for 15 years and have been to Whittamore's countless times.  When I moved in with the Suburban Prince we used to buy fresh veggies there all the time.  Imagine my surprise when I read about Tom Cruise et al making an appearance at my old stomping grounds!

"Katie Holmes, actor and wife of Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise, was spotted at Whittamore’s Farm, in Markham this weekend.

Her arms were full, laden with a bag containing fresh fruit pies and, of course, her 4-year-old Suri.

Holmes, who is here making a TV mini-series on the Kennedys, took her daughter berry picking around 3:30 Sunday afternoon.

But the pair didn’t stay long, said Taylor Whittamore, who is the supervisor at Whittamore’s Farm, which claims to have the largest farmer’s market and pick-your-own farm in Ontario.

Holmes’ driver and security guard later told staff at Whittamore’s that Suri had become cranky while out in the field picking.

The mother and daughter, decked out casually, only picked $1.14 worth of strawberries before they headed back to their car.

Holmes was wearing a checked shirt, skinny jeans and brown biker-style boots. Suri was shoeless, wearing a pink dress.

Holmes, whose husband Cruise is promoting his movie Knight and Day, was apparently anxious to get back to the car because she didn’t want to be recognized and appeared to have forgotten to pay for the strawberries she and her daughter picked.

Staff from Whittamore’s had to chase after them for the money, Taylor said. But it was soon clear that they had intended to send the driver or security guard back to pay. And indeed, the driver came back in a black Escalade and paid.

Initially, some of the staff wasn’t sure it was Holmes and Suri when the mother and daughter first arrived.

They thought maybe it was her, but then didn’t think it could actually be her.

“It was very exciting,” said Taylor, who asked if she could take a picture of Holmes and Suri. The request, however, was denied. But a paparazzi photographer captured their picture as she left Whittamore’s Farm.

“We haven’t had anything like that happen ever,” Taylor said. “It was a blur.”

Later Holmes and Suri stopped at the Whittamore’s Farm market where they bought some more goodies. Holmes bought a couple of fresh fruit pies, including a strawberry pie, as well as a cup of strawberry ice cream.

Holmes spent some time wandering around the store, looking at the fresh produce, said Suzanne Whittamore, who runs the farmer’s market. “She came into the market and purchased strawberry ice cream for Suri. She browsed around the store and she picked up a couple of pies.”

Suzanne said she kept to herself while she was in the market. “She didn’t look at anybody directly. She had a bodyguard with her.”

Holmes was maybe in the store for about 10 minutes Suzanne said. And while the cashier who cashed her out didn’t recognize her, everyone else in the store did but left her alone.

Holmes and Suri left after that, missing the children’s play area and the animated singing chicken show that’s on offer."

Honestly this whole event just baffles me!
1.  Only $1.14 of berries before leaving?  Am I the only mom who would not rush their child out of a situation just because they were a little bit cranky?
2.  Didn't want to be recognized?  How about don't marry one of the most recognizable movie stars in the world.  Do famous people realise once they are famous they will be recognized?
3.  Staff chased them for the money?  $1.14 to be exact.  We have all done would not believe the number of times I have left the grocery store without paying for the eggs I tucked into the top of the stroller to protect them - not once has a store employee chased me to my car for the money.  You can barely find a Whittamore's employee to answer a question about potatoes let alone chase someone to their car to pay for 3 strawberries!
4.  They were going to send a driver back with the money?  It doesnt occur to them to carry cash when going into a store?  Especially a farmer's market! 
5.  A fan asked to take a photo and was denied?    They went to a very public place, of course people will want a photo!
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Trish said...

I have to say that Tom, Kate & Suri are my LEAST favorite celebs! AND this just proves my point. They are very ungrateful and always act as if the world owes them something. There are other actors and celebs just a big, if not bigger than Tom in Hollywood that would have enteracted with the employee's, owners and other patrons at the farm(and even allowed pictures)

EntertainingMom said...

I'm rather surprised she was unfriendly and ungracious... but I'm not.. They are just plain strange. I can also sorta see her point of view... a star's kid has a meltdown and the press has a field day... just sayin'... Though when I am famous you can take all the pictures of me that you want to! MWAH!

High Heeled Life said...

What an exciting time in Countryside this week-end... These Whittamore people, have they never heard the term it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

Galaxy Girl said...

I love berry picking. Homemade Strawberry jam is just about the best thing ever to be invented. It's kind of sad that little Suri wasn't able to enjoy the full farmer's market experience. Maybe next time!

Gwen said...

WOW!!! How rude not to take a photo with a fan. I'm with you on the $1.14. First off I'm sure the body guard could have paid if she didn't have cash. Second no one would have chased down a star for $1.14. That would be the claim to fame. Katie Holmes shoplifted from my farmers market. LOL!!!

knitwit said...

Hilarious! And I would totally be that cashier, not recognizing a completely recognizable star! My husband spots celebrities everywhere we go and I just walk on by, oblivious.

Peterson Family said...

Remember when Katie was a cute celebrity who smiled a lot? I can't stand her now. She changed and not in a good way.

I can't imagine berry picking would be fun for a child who is used to having everything handed to her. Designer shoes and purses galore and they want her to pick her own berries? Not gonna happen.

And why doesn't that kid ever walk around? She was still taking a bottle not too long ago. Weird.....

James said...

Thank you Princess your post shows that some celebs want all the perks( I would love a body guard in some of the stores I go to just for the crazies!) but then act all put out when expected to act like a celeb.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Maybe they get things free just because of who they are.
I think manners matter even when you are famous...
Tommy Lee Maypother lived in Ontario, my SIL knew his family and she has many funny stories about him!

I think he should have kept his name, it sounds much better than Cruise.

The Blonde Duck said...

Why didn't she discipline her child?

Nikosmommy said...

Celeb sightings are always too exciting! But i think that as much these people try to behave like "normal" people, their celebrity personas get in the way of anything NORMAL?!?!

Mommy Mayhem said...

Super funny! I'm kinda bummed that they did not post a photo of the berries, I would be more interested in seeing a photo of the fresh berries than those two nut heads. Suri is beautiful though!

Trish said...

Unbelievable, are you serious, $1.14 worth of strawberries? And the shop employee was CHASING them down for the money? All kinds of strange dear Princess, but thank you for sharing with us! :)

Come on over, I have an award for you here!! xoxox

Tammy B said...

They are my least favorite also. They think they are the center of the universe.

Preppy Little Dress said...

....sadly, it doesn't surprise me one bit!

mFw said...

What an interesting article and yes I love your points at the end! I was thinking the same thing with the money!

Silver Strands said...

yeah. Ugh.

Associate Girl said...


Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

Odd, all of them. Katie looks like a fembot these days.

Leah said...

I agree with you... if a celebrity is going to a very public place, then she/he should expect the attention. They must behave graciously... that saying No to have her pic taken is just too snobbish in my opinion. I've encountered some celebrities when I was doing my grocery and they talk to the people... they smile and behave like one of the regulars.

Sandra said...

I agree with you on all counts! I still have a school girl crush on her husband so I am naturally annoyed with crush goes back over 20 years (first time Tom smiled at me in Top Gun, what can I say).
Anyway, I was immediately drawn to your blog. Anything with the word "Princess" in it,and I'm automatically a fan!