Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Friday!

I feel like I have been a bit boring lately.  I guess every day can't be tea parties and other fabulous events! 

Lately I have been taking care of the mundane aspects of life.

I decided not to blog about all of the laundry and ironing I have been doing as I get all of the summer clothes ready for the warm weather.

I decided not to blog about how I had to pump my own gas the other day.

I decided not to blog about how it doesn't matter how many times I clean them, there are always tiny little fingerprints on the mirrors and glass doors.

I decided not to blog about the grocery store not having chocolate Ovaltine in stock.

I decided not to blog about Rude Mom.  Turns out she has been told about alllll of the 'rumours' about her husband.  Everyone in town knows he is cheating on her but she says none of those rumours are true. Uh huh.

I decided not to blog about the Little Prince and his language classes.  He is coming along, by the way, and is finally trying to use the words we have been working on.  Every day we practice saying 'princess'.

I have been busy lately, just not with anything terribly fabulous.

I promise to be more interesting starting next week!

Have a fabulous day!


knitwit said...

Well, I hear you on that! Things have gotten so boring around here that I've had to throw all my least-flattering clothes into the donation bag. If I can't live a fabulous existence 24/7, I'm at least going to dress like I do!!

Miss Janice said...

It's the mundane things that make up the days of our lives!!! I've gotta go see what's on top of that car in your previous post:)

Ms. Bake-it said...

Like Miss Janice says, it's the mundane things that make up the days of our lives. I must admit that I cracked about when I read your comment about pumping your own gas! I always have to pump my own gas! Glad to hear the Little Prince is making strides in his language classes. Hmmm. Maybe that is why Rude Mom is such a rude mom - her marriage is in a rocky situation and that is why she acts the way she does. No, it is not an excuse, but that may be her way of coping or an unconscious release.

Have a fabulous weekend! Happy Mother's Day!

~ Tracy

High Heeled Life said...

Whatever happen to full service gas stations? I so hear you on pumping your own gas.

Elle said...

Hahaha... I know every day life sometimes feels so mundane.. but believe it or not some of those kinds of posts are my favorites to read... they remind me that I'm not the only one whose mirrors (and in my house floors) are perpetually dirty, who always has a basket of full laundry, and who has a certain acquaintance with whom I cannot get along no matter what!

So... thank you, even if only briefly, for reminding me that all of our lives sometimes feel uninteresting... I was starting to think I was the only boring one in blogland :)



EntertainingMom said...

but sometimes the mundane are very very funny... it all depends on how you look at them all!

The Preppy Princess said...

Silly Princess, you are already interesting. We love reading about everyday things, that's the beauty of the blog, your take on daily events and life.

It is great to see the little Prince is making progress, hugs to him and you as well, such good news.

"More interesting." Goofy girl.

Smiles at you for the weekend!

Seersucker Scrapper said...

Sometimes it's the everyday stuff that make the best posts!

Enjoy your weekend!

North of 25A said...

Telling friends about all the little things that make up a life are what keep us all connected...and it is often funny too!
Happy Mother's Day!

Shmonae said...

You have a very fun way of writing :) Love it!
I found you at "magical ordinary life". I noticed you wrote a letter to your 14 year old self and would love if you wanted to participate in my project. If so, come on over and click on the project button on the top right of my blog. Thanks!

Pink Martini said...

Such are the hills an valleys of life and we all have them don't we and we all appreciate sharing them with one another. I think it makes us real and keeps us grounded. :) As for your D2 comment, of course I knew there was a new gorgeous pic of him floating around cyberspace! hahaha Found out they are filming in Casey's bar this week on Grand in LA, not that I would go but I have driven by the Draper's house in Pasadena and guess where I'm headed today? Yep, my old stomping grounds (with my real D2)! Woohoo! If I'm lucky I might see a little red convertible zipping around. That might just make up for not having my boys home on Sunday! :) xoxo

Travelbugmom said...

I feel the EXACT same one wants to hear how I spent over 12 hours in the ER with my 20 yr. old earlier this week....they think had e coli infection...or how that I feel like I'm on a hamster wheel with school activities this month....boring...I know!
For the record...I don't care what you write about I'll read it!!!

PS got my vapor bottle today! So excited!

Happy MOM day to you!

Kinsey Michaels said...

haha i hear you on all that monotony! sometimes i get stumped and can't come up with things to blog about either! hope you had a fun weekend!

melissa said...

I A! Just catching up here on your blog - I've been a bad blog reader lately!
Happy Mother's Day to you - hope you have a wonderful day!!