Monday, May 24, 2010

Advice for my 14 year old self - Part 4

Thank you for all of the wonderful comments on this series.  I have has such a amazing time looking back and reflecting on my life so far!  My plan is the finish the series tomorrow with one last point but since life is a journey I dont want to say it is 100% finished.  I am sure I will revisit and add to this list from time to time.

I'm not sure if I have a book in me...I know there is a book with this sort of advice for boys - goodness knows there must be thousands already in the book stores for girls.  Who knows, maybe we will see this in print someday. 

I love the idea of adding a button to easily link to the list!  Once I figure out how to do that I will get it done!  Thank you Trish!

I am happy to email the list in a word doc to anyone who wants it. 

To answer a question in today's comments - No, I did not find these online, they are all things I have learned in my life that I would love to have been told when I was 14 - I wrote the list myself (and the list is my property and I can afford big bad lawyers so dont think about printing it yourself and selling it).  I might not have taken the advice, but put in certain situations I would've remembered it. 

So...without further is today's installment...

46. Shoveling the steps and cleaning off the car IS romantic and chivalrous.

47. Take the compliment with grace and say thank you.  Too much modesty is boring

48. Say ‘Yes’ as much as possible

49. Tip the diner waitress generously…regardless, she WILL remember you the next time you come in

50. Learn how to tie a scarf and invest in your accessories. Inexpensive clothes can look great with the right accoutrement

51. Even if there is just the slightest chance you were wrong…say sorry – it will diffuse the situation

52. Spend less time looking for the right one and more time being the right one

53. Be grateful for every single thing. The good, the bad and the ugly. We get what we deserve and must be thankful for all of it

54. Get Vitamin D. Lots of it. It is the number 1 preventative measure you can take. See #41 before you disagree

55. Own a dog. Even on your darkest days you will have a reason to get out of bed and they will love you no matter what you think of yourself

56. Always keep your own identity. Don’t be just someone’s wife or someone’s mom. Have something in your life where you are only known by your own name, be it a job, volunteering, a sport or anything else not related to your family

57. Keep a LBD in your closet that fits, is clean and ready to wear at all times

58. Make eye contact with the cashier

59. Don’t be surprised if the guy who believes in modern gender roles (going Dutch etc) buys earplugs while you are up all night with a crying baby. Don’t feel you need to be his equal. You aren’t. He isn’t your equal either. See # 46

60. It is very hard to respect someone who doesn’t have respect for themself

Have a fabulous day!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Loving these lists! Are you making this up or did you find it online somewhere? I'm going to put them together and print it out when you're finished.

PinkPolkadotAA said...

You're so good at this! I have so much respect for you for putting this out there. Great advice for any age.

Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

Love this list!

Trish said...

This list just keeps getting better and better!!!! #57 is awesome, so true, you never know when you'll get a last minute dinner party invite! ((Or if your husband is like mine, you'll never know when he'll call with an hour to spare to let you know you're having guests for dinner!))

((Thankfully this doesn't happen all that often! :) ))

OH! And I can TOTALLY make you a blog button, so easy, let me know if you would like me to! All I need is for you to create the link where the posts will be and tell me what image you want me to use! I can code it so if others want to grab it and link back to you they can do so. :) What are friends for! xoxox

EntertainingMom said...

these really are fabulous my brilliant friend!!

April said...

"always say YES...are at least try to." I have been trying to do this because I am usually a "no" person and (I watched the yes maan movie, lol) and you know what? When you say "yes" like I have been doing you really enjoy life more :)

Also, about having a dog. My dogs are my babies and that one really made me tear up. Two weeks ago when I was sitting on this couch, home alone and I found out my Godmother has bladder cancer my dog was here for me. I broke down and layed here to cry, she came over and layed in my arms, she even looked sad. She knew I was hurting and having her her to "hold me", only her. Was something I will always remember. Dogs are amazing.

These ones were great, just like the others.

Steph said...

Perfection! Laughter and tears! The list just got better and better! Please consider putting them into one post so we can forward!

Snooty Primadona said...

Loving this whole series!

Own a dog. Or a cat. It promotes responsibility.

#56 is SO TRUE!

And yes, it's nearly impossible to respect anyone who doesn't respect himself or herself...