Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Random Thoughts

Happy Friday!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned!

I have been so busy this week I dont have a well thought out and informative post ready today so I am going to share my random thoughts again

- It is interesting how so many of you said 'I make Bloody Marys with clamato'.  If you make it with clamato you have made a Bloody Ceasar...not a Bloody Mary.  The difference is a Mary is made with tomato juice and a Ceasar is made with Clamato juice which is tomato and clam juice mixed to perfection.  It isn't nearly as thick and sanguine as tomato juice.

- Rude Mom strikes again!  Since her son the Little Prince are pals, and have known each other their whole lives AND I will not punish a child for their parents' behaviour, they were invited to the Little Prince's birthday party.  She actually managed to RSVP and was only about 15 minutes late.  I got a call from my mom on Tuesday morning - she was standing right behind Rude Mom when she overheard her saying something snarky to the Little Prince.  Rude Mom then turned around and came face to face with my mom glaring at her.  Bestie was unreachable at work so I called Hermes Scarf Friend (she knows Rude Mom and her husband).  HSF thinks Rude Mom is having serious jealousy issues.  She said she saw Rude Mom's face when I was giving a much younger mom a hug and said 'She is my adopted little sister' and aparantly it wasn't a happy face.  Rude Mom doesn't really have any friends left because of the way she treats people so HSF thinks she might be jealous of the ease with which I interact with people.  I have to laugh because I was very unpopular growing up.  I rarely had any friends so now as an adult I work hard at my relationships.  Oh, and dont feel bad about my sad is better to peak at 40 than is it to peak at 18.

- I am hosting a baby shower on Saturday.  Only 2 people rsvp'd yes so I changed the venue from my house to a tea room in town.  I thought two guests in a living room will look a bit sad but two guests at a tea room will look like a few girls out for lunch!  I havn't heard from any of the other invitees including...Rude Mom who happens to be the mommy-to-be's employer!  Everyone is quite disgusted with her at this point.  Anyhooooo I have packed up sparking grape juice and champagne flutes to drop off today so our little tea party is extra special!

- My NYC trip has been cancelled.  I am suitably pouty about it too.  Bestie realised she just cant afford it with two daughters going to university this year, residence fees, a second mortgage, property taxes etc all needing to be paid for in the next couple of months.  Maybe next year *fingers crossed* Of course my attitude is if you are going to be poverty stricken you might as well be poverty stricken in NYC but she doesnt quite see it that way.

- Just 4 more weeks until Sex and the City!  Squeeeeee!  Does anyone know why it is opening on the Thursday night?  I wont be able to see it until the Friday night (tho I might try to sneak out to see it on Thursday) I am organizing a group of besties and we are going to go to the wine bar after for drinkies and nibbles.  In case you are wondering...yes, I'm a Charlotte!

- I have been planning to launch my blog's new look tomorrow but it just isn't going to happen - hopefully it will be ready next week! 

- Where did April go?

Have a fabulous day!


Erin said...

A few things:

I've never heard of a Bloody Caesar, but I think I like Clamato better than plain tomato juice, so I guess I drink them all the time and didn't even know it! Thanks for the lesson!

Rude Mom needs to be slapped. Like, yesterday. Where are her manners??

And Sex and the City cannot get here soon enough. I am also squeeling in anticipation!

Lily Lemontree said...

Don't know if you saw my comment but I loved your post yesterday!
Too bad about the NYC trip, I must agree with you, I'd rather be poor in NYC than poor at home! (LOL!)
I have been so busy lately and just a horrible friend to you, haven't had a minute to email you and see how you are and how the party went but I will definitely send you a note tonight!
Hope you have a wonderful day!!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Rude Mom is a nasty piece of work...I'd avoid her if I were you...who needs the aggravation?
Too bad about the NY trip, the timing has to be right and I 'd pout too but not for long!
A tea shower sounds like a lot of fun...and Sex in the City...hurry up!
Have a fun filled weekend...
Hugs from the Hostess

Leah said...

Bloody Caesar? That's something to try out.

Avoid rude mom... she's not worth it. You'll just feel bad and that's not good. Just stay away from her.

Have a great weekend! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how some people just never seem to grow up. They must stir up trouble.

Sorry about your trip to NYC.

Can't wait for SITC!! I also wondered why it's coming out on a Thursday, hmmmmm.

High Heeled Life said...

I love the way you think of the small details to make things extra-special!!!

SATC .. can't wait , I have started watching the series again .. and should be up to the first movie just before the new one opens!!! Its interesting to note how the topics of the series are still so applicable today!!! I'm a Carrie.

Snooty Primadona said...

I think Rude Mom is headed for a place of distinction on Snooty's Toxic Friends List. Oh wait. She's already there!

So sorry about the NYC trip. If it were me, I'd just start planning a new trip to somewhere else.


Sherrie said...

Rude mom sounds like a piece of work. Sorry about NYC. Hope the shower is great.

Brie said...

Ok, from now on I will call it a Bloody Ceasar ;) I have a friend like Rude Mom too - we have fun together often and the kids are very good friens but there is definitely a little passive aggressive action going on as well. I just try to take it as it comes. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes I call her out, sometimes I grit my teeth. It can be very frustrating!