Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dear LLBean, Your timing stinks!

It is always an exciting day when the LLBean catologue arrives in my mailbox.  I have been in love with this company since I was 14 years old and read TOPH for the very first time.

I was giddy when I pulled the new catologue out of the mail box and mentally made plans to curl up on the couch while the Little Prince napped and go through it with a stack of post-its and the Suburban Prince's credit card.

Then I remembered. 

The shopping ban.

The shopping ban I imposed upon myself. 

I could hear the Suburban Prince snickering in the other room.

That did not stop me from going through the catalogue and deciding what I will buy when I lift the ban in May!

I saw this and almost fainted!

When I spotted this I was reaching for the smelling salts!  It comes in a cardi too!  TDF!

Sometimes a dress makes me feel like I must be prim and proper and that just isn't always possible.  A polo dress is the best of both worlds!  A dress I can play in!  This orange one will look so good with my summer tan!

This shirt makes me think of saltwater taffy!  I love the polka dot details at the cuffs and collar!

Perfection!  I love seeing embroidered shorts and pants everywhere!

I better buy two of these!  How adorable will this be under a jacket or shirt!

I do realise I chose mostly pink and green but most of these items do come in other colours!

Have a fabulous day!

PS...Birthday details will be in my next post - Thank you to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes!


mFw said...

I know I was super impressed with the LL Bean catalog. I'm impressed with your shopping ban - I don't think I could handle that. Have a great day!

Associate Girl said...

Oh yes I agree, that tank would be adorable with a jacket or cardigan this summer. True love. I am so glad I found some preppies like me.

EntertainingMom said...

The good thing is that LL Bean stocks lots of stuff... they will most likely still be there when your Self Imposed Shopping Ban is over!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I hear ya girl! I just got the catalogue yesterday myself and earmarked just about every single page!

And by the way, Happy Birthday yesterday! Hope the day was amazing! Cheers to many more!

Pink Martini said...

I've been out of the loop here so I missed your Birthday but hope it was a good one! :) LL has been turning up the preppy notch lately, if that is possible and I was very surprised at my recent Land's End catalog too. So many fun outfits await. Have a great weekend. :) xoxo

Monkey Mae said...

I love the embroidered shorts and the polo dress! I will have to check out the new spring merch.

Have a fab weekend!

Ms. Bake-it said...

I loved the new LLB catalog! There are several things I will be ordering BUT I have set a limit... I too loved the Oceanwashed Polo Dress and now since I have imposed a limit I have to decide which color I want - iced rose or orangewood. Decisions decisions.

~ Tracy

cambridgechic said...

Oooh you post-it tagged almost every item that I did as well! Great choices! And Happy Belated Birthday! :)

Suzy's Natural Southern Goodies said...

Oh I've seen these and I'm thrilled! LL Bean surely has stepped up their looks!

Erin said...

I love that the polo dress isn't $100 like Polo brand ones are. A cute little monogram on the breast or sleeve would be better than a pony anyway. I think I'll get one this year. I love all your other picks too!

Nezzy said...

I'm just tickled pink and green to see what you treated yourself to for your birthday! You will look marvelous girl. Happy birthday, sweetie!

God bless and have a glorious weekend!!!

bevy said...

Cute pink and green lobster skirt... it also comes in yellow daffodil that looks just like my blog! LOL

Oh, and yours is so festive. Love it!

HeidiG said...

Dang! Must go look at polo dresses now...I have a black/white striped one from JC a few years old that I adore, and it really needs a friend in the closet!

Lovey the lobster print too. (Mean old LL Bean...)