Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Could it really be?

Could it really be spring? Today is the kind of day we wait all winter for! The temperature thing on my dashboard said 5 degrees! On the news this morning they said 8 degrees for the weekend! Yay!!

I took the Little Prince to the library for story time this morning and walked from there to the drug store. Normally I would race to the car and drive to run my errands but it was so nice today I decided to walk! The sun is shining, coats are open, people are smiling - it is the kind of day best spent in ski pants/boots, a turtleneck and sunglasses at a ski resort - you know those days - sitting in a chair outside the chalet just soaking up the first tiny hopeful wisps of spring! It's the kind of day that makes one suddenly realise how much of a hurry they have been in getting from place to place because it has been so cold. The warmer weather makes us slow down and take it all in!

Last night I went to see Valentine's Day with some of the sorority girls. The movie had it's cute moments but really it was just ok. I am glad we went on cheap night and only paid 4.00 to get in! I found it a bit odd that the girls I went with did not order drinks or snacks for the show nor did they have any in their purses (like I did!) hmmmm there is no way on earth I could get through a 2 hour movie without even a beverage of some sort!

Tonight I am going to dinner with a newish friend. She is the kind of person one instantly clicks with and even though we know very little about each other it feels like we have known each other forever! She is very sociable and honestly the least boring accountant I have ever met in my life!

Tomorrow night I am braving Costco with the bestie - it is a 30 minute drive each way so we will have lots of time to discuss the Saturday night plans with another mutual friend. Seems the mutual friend has gone ahead and planned some sort of party for my birthday without letting me know or even finding out if I can make it! The Suburban Prince and I thought it was 'having a drink at the weekend' but it seems to have turned into something a bit bigger than that. My birthday isn't until the end of the month but the mutual friend is going to be out of town for a few weeks so I guess she is trying to do something before they leave - she doesn't care to celebrate her own birthday so she doesn't really bother with anyone else's which is why I am surprised at how this seems to be unfolding!

On Friday I am seeing Sweeney Todd again! This time the Suburban Prince is coming so he will get to share the experience with me. On Saturday afternoon I am seeing it for the final time with the bestie so I will have been successful in my mission to make the people closest to me sit through it with me!

I had 200 followers for a couple of days but someone seems to have removed themself. I was gearing up for a big celebration post and a giveaway to mark the occassion but now I need to wait until I am back at 200 again!

During a recent snowfall I was putting my bags in my car and noticed the snowflakes were all very umm uhhh hm...snowflakey? Is that a word? They were all just the most amazing, perfect snowflakes! I always have my camera in my purse so I started taking pictures but I was having trouble getting the focus right. I called into the house for some camera expertise so the Suburban Prince came out to help me. I told him I was lucky to be married to someone who would drop what he was doing to come help me take a photo for my blog. He told me he is lucky to be married to someone who would stop and notice something like perfect snowflakes. Oh it's just a big ol' lovefest around here!

Have a fabulous day!


Sherrie said...

Those snowflakes are amazing! It is a gorgeous sunny day here too.

Princess Freckles said...

For a moment I forgot you live in Cananda, and I thought "8 degrees? FREEZING!" LOL!

Travelbug Mom said...

GREAT snowflakes! Didn't care much for V-day either. Enjoy your Costco trip...funny what we look forward to.

KatieSPerk said...

Those snowflakes are gorgeous! What a cool picture! You are a busy gal! Sounds like a lot of fun!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I just added you to my follow list so I think you made your 200.......and Happy Birthday!

Janine said...

Thanks for the award... Love it!! And you are such a good read!!

KDC Events said...

LOVE the snow flakes and LOVE your blog! I found you through Mrs. Janice =)

HeidiG said...

5 degrees? ok...I won't complain about 40 degrees here, then.

those snowflakes are amazing!!

EntertainingMom said...

I hate when followers remove themselves!!!

thepreppyprincess said...

Oh, what a wonderful post Miss Princess, the conversation between you and your Prince put a smile on this face, yeppers, it did. And we are officially in spring fever mode, that is a certainty.

Sending a smile your way,