Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day Ideas - Part 5!

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Today I thought I would share a few cute ideas for a Valentine's Day breakfast! These are so simple and if you are making breakfast anyway there is no reason you wouldn't be able to take an extra minute to make it special. These will also be wonderful if you are like me and prefer breakfast for dinner!

I see these pans everywhere! I have even bought a couple in the dollar store! If you cant find a pan like this just use heart shaped cookie cutters!

How precious! So simple yet made with love!

Easy but elegant presentation. A cookie cutter is used to cut out the center of the toast and it is filled with an egg! Nothing says romance like candlelight! Trust me, there is Bailey's in that mug!

You could serve anything on these adorable dishes and look like a superstar! I love the matching syrup dish! Even if you don't have these plates, check your dollar store for pink or red ones! Heart shaped pancakes with pomegranate seeds and whipped cream are easy and beautiful! I love how the whipped cream is in the shape of a heart!

Have a fabulous day!

PS....The site I wanted to use for yesterday's post is back up and running so here are the printables and ideas I wanted to share!

The little packets of hot chocolate are found everywhere - usually a box of 8 costs around 3.00 - all you need is wrappers for them!

Click on this image to go to the full size one - print, cut out and wrap around your hot chocolate packets!

Click on this image to go to the full size one - print, cut out and wrap around seed packets!

Click on this image to go to the full size one - print, cut out and wrap around tea bags! Adorable!


Meg said...

Thank you for the ideas!!!! They are so cute!


Confessions Of A Domestic Goddess said...

MDH and I are big on the Valentine's breakfast. I make heart shaped "love waffles" and we enjoy mimosas. Our plan is to continue this with "breakfast for dinner" during the years that Valentine's day is on a M-W since our schedules make it hard for late nights out during the middle of the week.

Thanks for sharing such cute ideas!

bevysblog said...

My boys will be in the mountains with my parents for the weekend, so hubby and I will have Valentine's weekend to ourselves!!! I think heart-shaped pancakes will be part of breakfast in bed. Yum!

Nezzy said...

You have the sweetest little ideas and printouts. I'm a lovin' these printout. This chick is havin' a blast with them. Thanks Sweetie!

Ya'll have one terrifically blessed day!!!