Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy 101 Award!

Preppy Pink and Green Puppy gave me this award a few weeks ago and I thought it would get lost in the Christmas posts so I decided to wait until now to post about it! Thank you so much Preppy Pink and Green Puppy! I love this award and it was so thoughtful of you to pass it along to me!

10 things that make me happy....

1. The Little Prince - I am blown away every single day by this little person who causes so much havoc but gives so much love with reckless abandon! I have been trying to teach him to say 'Love' and when I ask him to say it he gives me a big hug - that will do!

2. The Suburban Prince - I married the best husband in the whole world!

3. The Furry Prince - I don't talk about him much here but he really is my first child. He has been a warm presence at my side for more than 6 years now! I love curling up with him at the end of the day!

4. Blogging - I am amazed every day at how much fun blogging is! I love keeping up with all of my blogger friends!

5. Socializing - I love to go out with friends and catch up with everyone! I was so happy when my phone started beeping again this week when my pals were getting home from their Christmas trips!

6. Television - I cant get enough of it! I love soaps, reality shows, news shows, dramas, movies et cetera - I love it all!

7. Sony eReader - I really thought I would miss paper and turning the pages of a book but I don't! Within a few minutes of using my eReader I was hooked!

8. Organizing - I just love seeing my house all neat and tidy! It makes me feel so calm and in control!

9. Entertaining - Is there anything better than having people over for the evening to chat and have a few drinks?

10. Party Planning - You know when you just stumble upon a passion? This is how party planning is for me! Each year my parties would get more and more elaborate (hello, I had a palm tree in my living room for a party this year) and I realised there is a big party planning community out there in cyberspace! Seeing how much other people put into their parties too made me realise this is my calling - I just thought I was a nice hostess...noooo...I am a party planner!

Have a fabulous day!


Summer is a Verb said...

#'s 2, 3, 6 and 8 seemed to be pulled right from my script! XXOO

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Very fun list, so fun to learn a little bit about you! Darling new header PS! And I am such a bad giveaway mailer! It has been boxed and ready, and now that I am back in town it will be on its way! Thanks for your patience!!

Monkey Mae said...

Congrats! I'm a reality TV addict, too!

Llama said...

congrats sweet girl! you deserve it!!!
i too...must organize everything! :)

Town and Country Mom said...

So fun to read about your favorites--many of yours are mine, too. I hope you will post lots of photos of the parties you plan and host!

EntertainingMom said...

Love your lists!

Kassie said...

I love these lists, and finding out more about bloggers!!

Nezzy said...

I'm lovin' your favs! Congratulations on your award.

Have a great day filled with fun blessings!

kanishk said...

it will be on its way! Thanks for your patience!!

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