Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What a week!

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I have been so busy lately! It all started last Monday when I remembered I had book club that week - so on Tuesday I whipped up some chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies to take with me (I am the official book club baker) and got them all packed and wrapped for Wednesday night.

On Wednesday I met up with a friend and we took all of our kids to the library for a couple of stories and to let them run around then we went to the diner for lunch. When we got home I put the Little Prince down for a nap and I got all of my Christmas cards finished and stamped to be sent overseas to aunties, uncles and cousins. On Wednesday evening I went to book club, came home and fell into bed!

On Thursday I puttered around the house and made lists, lots of lists for our Christmas party.

On Friday we went to the town park to see the big tree being lit up. There is a candle light walk through the town leading to the park and it is the biggest parade of the year in our little town! After the park was lit up we went into the theatre to see all of the decorated Christmas trees. Local businesses decorate them and people buy tickets and enter the raffle - a few days before Christmas they draw the winners and each tree gets a new home! I will do a post with photos of all of the trees next week! While we were there a couple we know caught up with us - they are delightful and we love knowing them but sadly they are moving to the west end of Toronto so they will be a couple of hours away. We are lucky we saw them that night because they moved the next day. It was all hugs and a couple of tears as we said goodbye.

On Saturday morning I treated a girlfriend to a big breakfast at the diner. For those of you who don't live in small towns, the local diner is the place to see and be seen. You wont have to sit there long before you see someone you know in there. You know those scenes in movies where the whole town is in the diner - that's really what life is like in the country! After breakfast we went on the hunt for wreaths for our front doors. I can not believe how hard it has been to find a nice one! The Christmas decorations in the stores this year are awful and boring. I didn't think to look for a wreath when I was in NY a few weeks ago and now I fear I am too late.

On Sunday I stayed home and decorated the Christmas tree. I have decided I hate decorating the tree! I love how it looks but I find getting started and getting it all done is so hard and tedious! I love decorating the rest of the house but I need a drink to get through the tree! Anyhoo it is all done now and I have been pulling together everything for our party in a few days.

On Monday I went shopping (for a wreath!!!) with a friend. We tried 3 big stores in the city and couldn't find anything nice enough to put on the front door. It was fun going through all of the lovely decorations we don't have in the country but I still don't have anything for my front door. Le sigh.

Yesterday we took the Little Prince to an in-home daycare to see if we liked it and to find out if we can get him in for 2 afternoons a week. He needs to see other children more often and I need the break! Yes I know I am a housewife but you try getting anything done with a toddler hanging off of you! I figure with a few hours a week alone in the house I can get all the things done I cant get done with the Little Prince here. His first day is tomorrow and I have convinced the Suburban Prince to take him so I don't have to drop my Little Prince off and feel my heart shattering when he cries. I will pick him up though so I get to be the hero! The Suburban Prince tried to argue but I showed him my c-section scar that goes from my belly button down and he decided to go along with my plan.

Last night a friend who is a professional photographer came over and took photos of the Little Prince in front of the Christmas tree. We tried the Walmart studio but he had a meltdown and he screams every time he sees Santa so we thought someone coming to our house would work - and it did! The little Prince loves my friend and he did a great job of posing with ornaments and being his absolute cutest self! I cant wait to see the proofs!

Once the photo session was finished I had to race off to my first Sorority meeting! I kept asking when the goats and roses would be there but I couldn't get a clear answer. So ladies, it looks like I am rushing! I can pledge in September and finally get some letters across my chest!

Today I spent the morning running around getting supplies for the party and (still) looking for a wreath! I think I have given up! On the bright side I found an adorable monogrammed bracelet for a friend for Christmas so that is one more gift solved!

Once the Suburban Prince has gone to work and the Little Prince is in bed for the night I am going to collapse on the couch with Dragon's Den (The Canadian version of Shark's Tank - Robert and Kevin are on both shows) and Glee before going to bed!

Whew! Sorry this is so long!

Have a fabulous day!


Leah said...

You've been so busy...can't wait to see the photos of the little prince.

Confessions Of A Domestic Goddess said...

Sounds like you've been a busy bee! Life's been hectic down here as well.


Beth Dunn said...

I'm super interested in the monogram bracelet. I want one for myself and perhaps Hermes. Get some rest love! xoxo


Peterson Family said... sounds like you have been everywhere! Have you given up sleeping for all this activity????

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

First of all, I am obviously crazy and cannot believe I have not been a follower of your blog, but I have remedied that. I so apologize, because I'm not usually so absentminded. It sounds like you have been super-busy getting ready for the holidays! Fun! Thank you for your birthday wishes for Oscar on my blog. I really appreciate it.

Kristen @ Miss Prissy Paige said...

Sounds like you had quite the hectic week! Those chocolate chunk cookies sound delicious! The candle lit parade sounds fantastic. Have you found a wreath yet?

Suburban Princess said...

SCW - What makes this funnier is that you gave me my first award lol! I am glad you follow me now! Thanks so much! I love reading your blog :O)

Kristen - YES! I found one today! Yay! I am going to take pics next week and post about it :O)