Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Have you been Boo'd?


This is the BOO gift I will be leaving at my neighbour's front door in the next couple of days. It is an orange metal tin with a jack-o-lantern face cut out of it. I stuffed orange and black tissue paper in it and filled it with chocolates and candy! I also made one for my new adopted soldier but his is wrapped in cellophane and tied it with ribbon so the candies don't fall out in transit.

It will be left after dark and in secret...I will ring the door bell and run like the clappers so they don't catch me! This poem will be attached to it along with a sign for their front door letting everyone know they have been BOO'd!

You've been Boo'd!

Happy Halloween!
This treat is for you, we hope you enjoy.
The idea is simple, one we hope you employ.
You pass "BOO" along to two other neighbors.
Along with any kind of Halloween favors.
If we all do our part, and spread the good cheer,
By Halloween night it will be very clear,
We're a friendly bunch, we like to share fun
So please do your part to keep "BOO" on the run!

Doesn't that sound like fun! I heard this started in the southern US but it has made it's way north! I think it is such a nice idea and I cant wait to spread the joy!

Here are a couple of sites with lots of information - you can make your own BOO too! The dollar store has lots of great containers and tissue paper. Just fill your container with treats, print the signs and poems and you are ready to go!


1. BOO houses shortly after dinner time. This will prevent small children from being woken up by the doorbell and barking dogs.

2. Be sure your neighbours celebrate Halloween - not everyone does and you don't want to offend anyone!

3. If you are pregnant you will be slow...have someone else do the running for you. I know...I almost got caught! I was 5 months pregnant and trying to run down someone's lawn - it wasn't pretty!

Have a fabulous day!


annie said...

Yayy!! I love this game! I have never seen that poem though- it is so cute. We used to play this at my old work every year....maybe I should start it in my new office this year...fun fun! (O:

Confessions Of A Domestic Goddess said...

How cute!! I've never seen/heard of this!!


New England Girl said...

What a neat idea! I've never heard of this phenomenon, but I know it would definitely be just the sort of thing I'd enjoy. And it must cheer people up tremendously. :)

The Blonde Duck said...

That's so sweet you tried to Boo and couldn't run when pregnant! I've been plotting how to get my neighbors...

My Passport to Style said...

Hi Im new here, great tactic, you sound like alot of fun, so must start following you! Sharon xxoo

Red Lipstick Style said...

This is precious! What a cute idea!! I think I boo both of my neighbors, one is going to be very difficult as she travels alot, but I have 1 1/2 weeks to determine when she is home!

by the way, i'm headed over to see if I can pick up the goodies!

Just Add Walter said...

everyone is my neighborhood is playing this and we haven't been boo'd yet :( I think they hate us!

Tatiana said...

this is soo cute and such an awesome idea! I love it!

Lindsay said...

YES my sister and I used to do that when we were kids!!! love it! the whole neighborhood was BOOing every October! haha. How do you make apple-raspberry pie?? that sounds delicious!

Princess Freckles said...

What a fun idea! I'll have to do this next year! My neighbors will love it!

Jo said...

We Boo in our subdivision and always have so much fun! The entire family gets in on the fun. Hope you get get some great goodies in return!


Jillian, Inc said...

Visiting from Pink Martini/Pearls. I am in the southern US and we BOO a lot. Kind of a competition around my neighborhood to see who boos first, best, etc. Love it! and simply love your BOO treat.

Danielle said...

That is ADORABLE!!!

Blair said...

This is so cute, my sis and her neighbors do this every year! I wish my neighbors didn't suck so bad! Have fun!

Sonja said...


We do this all the time here!! I love it!

Glad it's made its way up there! :)

How fun!