Friday, October 2, 2009

Garden Photos and Helping Soldiers

Happy Friday!

I hope you have a great weekend planned! I will be busy getting my wardrobe changed over for Autumn/Winter and my parents are coming tomorrow for the afternoon. We will get the front of the house decorated with all of my Autumn touches. Photos will be posted, of course!

I took a few photos of my garden this week:

This is the gate and fence the Suburban Prince built this summer. It was very ugly before so he tore it all down and designed and built this himself! Not only is he very handsome, he is also very handy! Notice the neat bell at the top left! The patio will be replaced next spring!

This is a rose I planted a few years ago. It is a Niagara Rainbow rose and I think it is just stunning! With it's sunny yellow middle and striped petals it is certainly a showstopper!

A close up photo of the raspberry bush. This is just one branch! Look at how many berries are on it! The Suburban Prince we out this morning and picked another bucket of berries for the freezer!

Something we enjoy doing is supporting our soldiers overseas. We are assigned one or two soldiers to stay in touch with for their 6 month tour and we send letters, emails, care packages, gifts, food, candy, books, magazine or anything else we think might make their time overseas easier. I cant even begin to tell you how much the soldiers appreciate this! I get the sweetest letters and emails from them letting me know how much it means to them that someone back home is thinking about them. Being a soldier is not an easy job and let's be honest, these people serve their countries every day in war zones never knowing if today is the day.

If you would like to adopt a soldier (this is a wonderful project for children - a friend of mine is a teacher and has her class adopting a soldier!) please use the following links:

ChosenSoldierProject - For Canadian Soldiers - For American Soldiers

Have a fabulous day!


New England Girl said...

Your garden is beautiful! I love the new fence. What a great addition. I'm also super jealous of your raspberry bushes... ours have already come and gone, leaving us fruitless for the rest of the year.
I also have to thank you for supporting our troops. I was co team leader for a group of grade schoolers two years ago. Those wonderful little children designed, drew and personalized over 2,500 holiday cards for Marines living overseas. At the time, I was dating a Major in the USMC and he often talked about [and still does] all the wonderful treats and well wishes they received while on their tours of duty. It really makes such a difference. :)

Red Lipstick Style said...

Your raspberry bushes are great! I buy sooo many berries and could really use one of these. I'm decoring for fall tomorrow as well; well adding pumpkins, i can't wait to see your pictures. That is such a great idea about the soldiers. I work at a very patriotic company, so I've printed out the links to see if we can have them printed in our weekly newsletter. This is truely a wonderful thing that you are doing!

Beth Dunn said...

So pretty and you are a good person. We are pumpkin people. My youngest has already started practicing trick or treat!!! oxox


Danielle said...

Love your garden! So, so pretty! Sorry I've been a HORRIBLE blog commenter. I am never ready to read blogs until late at night and for some reason the internet doesn't work at all then.

New internet provider is coming Monday. Very excited for some faster service.

Have a great weekend!

Kristen said...

what beautiful pictures!

Tatiana said...

You've got a beautiful garden! I'm so jealous of your raspberries!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

What a beautiful garden!!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Your garden is absolutely lovely! Have a great weekend and good luck getting your cold weather wardrobe organized...I'll probably be doing the same : )

Jill said...

Wow~ your garden is so pretty. I'm SO bad in with the yard and plants. I love your passion for helping the US servicemen.

Suburban Princess said...

Thanks everyone!

Actually I adopt Canadian soldiers since I live in Canada :O)

I hope I have inspired some of you to adopt a soldier of your own!