Thursday, August 20, 2009

Old Navy Sale and Pink Shirts!

Since Old Navy is having a sale I headed to the closest one (30 minutes away) with a friend to see what we could find. I have since decided I really don't like Old Navy jeans or pants but look at what I did find! The most adorable pink Oxford shirt!

My favourite part is the very Preppy green stripe on the inside of the collar along with some pink stripes! It is a very light cotton so no where near the quality of the RL shirts I usually buy but I just couldn't resist the lure of the pink/green combo!
All in all I think it was worth the drive!
Have a fabulous day!


Beth Dunn said...

Love it ! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment :) love that shirt from old navy, I just saw it the other day.

Kathie Truitt said...

That is a cute shirt. In my Old Navy I usually find lots of cute things. Still, after all of these years, one of my favorite stores.